Why Kinect Forced Me to Buy a PS3

Attack of the Fanboy writes: After months of watching videos for Kinect, I wanted it. I still want it..kind of. Then I started to really question the purchase. Was Kinect for me? Having not played with the motion controller I can only go by what the advertising has shown me. And it looks like I'm not a 9 year old girl, at least the last time I checked.

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Hank Hill3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

The 2011 Xbox exclusive line up(or lack there of) will also convince millions of Xbox only owners to buy a PS3, I tell you what.

Fox013128d ago

"The 2011 Xbox exclusive line up(or lack there of) will also convince millions of Xbox only owners to buy a PS3, I tell you what."

You guys will never learn...

RageAgainstTheMShine3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

after we bought my first Xbox 360 60GB & it was the last.... then we bought our first 250GB PS3 and we bought 2 PSMoves and PSEye and bought a PSP 3000 we will buy another PS3 in the near future.

Never an Xbox3shitty nor a Wii but always a PS3.

xbox is going down with Kinect games
Wii is going down
the only home console going up is the PS3

Aquanox3128d ago

Wow! Sony boys are really nervous for the launch of kinect. Easy up guys, just accept the unavoidable.

Mmmkay3128d ago

natal scares me about as much as the ps2 eye...

darthv723128d ago

I wouldnt go that extreme. I wouldnt say one FORCED me to buy the other. It is choice. I buy one, then I buy the other, then I buy the third etc.

What can I say, I love gaming as a whole. Kinect/move will be a part of my family as the next major accessory.

maxcer3128d ago

"after we bought my first Xbox 360 60GB & it was the last.... then we bought our first 250GB PS3 and we bought 2 PSMoves and PSEye and bought a PSP 3000 we will buy another PS3 in the near future."

...and who gives a flying fuck about your buying habits?

SephireX3128d ago

I do. I'd give many a flying fuck to know what he buys. He only matters.

N4g_null3128d ago

This is a raging fanboy mesh seriously the smear campaign isn't going to work because the xbox still has better online halo and better 3rd party support. Yet I'm not a fan of any of that since my favorite games this gen play like 2d games yet even I see why that will explode.

Imagine this it's laggy like the ps3 eye yet guess what third party are making hardcore games for it right now. Seriously you want sorecy over panzar dragon or steel battalion really. Only a troll would say that. Also here is the kicker you can use the controller to turn on the motion and do things that don't required unlatch movement like healing your mech or hand directed target painting.

Here is the other kicker you don't have to keep calibrating it. This is unavoidable on the move right now. The wii does have that problem nor does kinect.

The icing on the cake is they can or any one third party can release their own wand for a lot cheaper.

So far you guys are hung up on advertisements instead of games? Really so your sheep playing with childrens toys huh? Or the few games and patches you got with move are so much more hardcore huh?

Also moves sales are going to be tracked buy game sales.
Then devs are going to look at what is required for that game.

I understand you want to do something to help Sony but post boards are not your answer you guys are starting to look pathic. You have gt5, and kz3 and that's about all any one cares about it's seems from the Sony camp. Gt5 better come out this year or many devs may dump the ps3 and it's phone.

DaTruth3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

And how is your defense force-esque reply not pathetic???

This war is running longer than most world wars! sigh!

BattleAxe3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Outside of Halo, what does the 360 have that so great? The answer is nothing, and thats why the 360 is losing market share, and why it will end up in 3rd place.

All the Kinect sales are going to be generated by Housewives and 6 - 10 year old kids.

N4g_null3126d ago

The difference is I'm stating an opinion. I'm telling you about omitted possibilities. Bias people never reply back with any intelligence I rarely even check any more.

Maybe the gamers of today deserve the industry they helped create. Luckly you can walk away from the burning ship.

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niceguywii603128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )


bu bu:

Anybody buying this sh*t? a motion device will make somebody ditch a console for a different console that has motion for a option. 2010 was suppose to be the greatest year of the PS3 and it is so lacking all PS3 fanboy do is troll not even reading their own news.

I think Hank Hill must be talking about the list made from Sony promising games shown half a decade early shown when they were first on the drawing board. *I tell you what* 90% of the 2011 lineup-list is the same list from 3 "YEAR OF THE PS3" back.

CR-Y-SIS3128d ago

But the other console has buttons.

Or stay and play

Phew Phew Phew!

theonlylolking3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Since 2009 the xbox has fallen in quality compared to PS3. We are just letting you guys know its getting worse. We are not saying anymore"next year the PS3 will have better games we will show you". Now we are saying "hahaha now we are the ones getting all the great games and each year YOU guys are falling behind.

Now I really dont get how kinect can make a person switch consoles but since 2009 the xbox cant compete against PS3.

SyphonFilter3128d ago

you're in denial. you think things don't change. face it M$ has no games in 2011 and beyond.

N4Great3128d ago

2010, like 2009, 2008, and now 2011, was better for ps3 owner than anyone else poor desperate "wii360" troll.

and the best motion device is..tatata : MOVE (just read reviews, and preview for kinect delusional fanboyz)

KratosGod33128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Listen to yourself first and then think about it for a minute so you can realize who the troll and fanboy king is, because that's all you care... trolls, trolls, trolls, sales, sales, sales, Kinect, Kinect, Kinect.
Or maybe you have stocks with M$ or maybe u use lube with them who knows.

bustamove3128d ago

Pure denial. :)

I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. Microsoft is trying to capture the casuals so bye-bye hardcore.

R0me3128d ago

Well I only have a PS3 and I always could understand these 360guys, because of their halo.

BUT seriously, you wanna tell me you will play kinect like a little child and make yourself look like an idiot? Come on, you are insulting yourself if you say you will buy/play kinect.

THe fact that you bring up kinect shows that the xbox has nothing else to offer.

SephireX3128d ago

Gears of War 3 says hello but I agree. Gears is the only 360 exclusive that I want to play next year. I can't even count how many PS3 exclusives there are next year. Last Guardian, KZ3, inFamous 2 and Resistance 3 are all must-buys for me. Let's face it, the PS3 will rape the 360 next year. Let's just hope it wears a condom.

homer3127d ago

Enjoy your outdated console, paid online, and lack of true exclusives. Then again, harcore pc gamers could say that about ps3 hardware too. :P

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Anorexorcist3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

but they'll be too damn stubborn to ever admit it. They have their E-Egos to maintain.

Speaking of which, They are getting to the point that at least the somewhat-sensible ones who don't deny that Move is a success and has moved 3 million units in just about one month just brag about how often they see Kinect commercials on TV. When the signature Salez rants from Idiot N4G MS fanboys becomes null, they'll resort to arguments about how Xbox is on tv and on website advertisement banners more than Playstation 3; "Teh Ads, Teh Ads"

LOL, pretty sad yeah!

irepbtown3128d ago

I have the move and there's one problem. No Good games for it right now. So it will not be used until early next year (Socom 4).

It's a bit like PS3s release, great, but no games.
Move, Great, but no games. (ofcourse there's a few, but they are rubbish, MY OPINION).

I have to admit, Kinect does look sweet. Why do people deny this? I know it wont be for hardcore gamers, but even Hardcore gamers will have that moment where they just want to chill, relax, do some fun stuff other than playing FPS or w.e.

N4g_null3127d ago

Dude ms fans are the only ones to accept the wii as a second console. Think about? Sony believes they can make a Mario, wii resort, no I don't think they do. They copied the the wii remote and in alternate fanboy world they came up with it first and still got beat to make with even a better price point lol.

I glad Sony fans like their games yet the majority of gamers don't. Every one played tomb raider way back and we hate it now. Slow boring game play is not fixed by differed rendering. On top of this sly is so kiddy you guys need to slap your selves for not buying marries games because your just being hypocrites now.

Seriously you have quality if those are the games you like yet no ps3 fan has the right to keep dumping on any other system any more.

You can only win this war by sales. Low sales guarantees that history will forget you game. Many many quality 16bits games came to the tg-16 neogeo, pippin etc yet no one cares now. Ethier Sony gets the game play and game values right or their games will see the same faith.

gamingdroid3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Yet the console with no exclusives I can remember in the last 6-month and the only exclusive to be released this holiday is delayed with no date set is the PS3 and GT5!

It's easy to point fingers, but MS hasn't disappointed me and neither has Sony. It's just the haters/fanboys that want to impose their opinion on everyone!!!

irepbtown3128d ago

Your right, PS3 hasn't released any exclusives for some time.
But i think the reason why you got 29 disagrees is because of how you wrote it.
Or maybe i'm wrong...

gamingdroid3127d ago

Probably, or it is just the irate fanboys.

EvilBlackCat3128d ago ShowReplies(3)
pixelsword3128d ago

Doesn't attack of the fanboy always put trolling articles out on all consolesm or am I thinking about another website?

NeutralGamer3128d ago

its pure flame bait and looking on the first couple of comments here alot of people fell for it...

Darksyko3128d ago

I get the whole love for the ps3 but damn slow it down.

seinfan3128d ago

I'm getting a PS3 not because the lack of games on the 360 (I buy probably like 3 games a year at the most and I'm content with that). I want to utilize the blu-ray player and I'm interested in a few PS3 exclusives.

gtamike3128d ago

Kinect games are a joke

Dlacy13g3128d ago

just like the over whelming amount of exclusives helped the PS3 this year. /sarcasm

I will say first half of 2011 looks pretty bleak for for the 360 but MS is pretty notorious for not announcing too much in far advance.

I wouldnt be shocked if we get a Ubisoft Rainbow 6 timed exclusive, etc...

either way...not too worried. I have both so I am just fine for gaming for many years to come.

Spenok3127d ago

Lmao, ok so i know this is a complete fanboy comment, and i disagree. Both systems have there games, but with that "I tell you what" at the end made me rofl. As one who watches King of the Hill as i read that i thought about the way he said it and it gave me a good laugh. Unfortunatly your comment doesnt deserve a bub tho :/

Nugundam00793127d ago

Where the hell is Boomhauer?!

Nevers3127d ago

to say: Stupid Fandroids. Both sides make me laugh and sick all at once. Sad sad people.

borisfett3127d ago

Nobody cares about exclusives anymore.

A console is a console. All that matters is if it has good games.

CrzyFooL3127d ago

Fuck consoles, I'm gonna play games on a propane grill!!

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math3128d ago ShowReplies(2)
kenlawson3128d ago

Yes if there is one clear winner with Kinect it is housewives and children.

360nPS3rTheSAME3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I'm not a fanboy and could care less what any fanboy thinks. I play games. I'm a gamer. I really think putting all this energy into the console 'war' shows an even bigger problems with the persons mental health. These people act like they're the owners of these companies. I didn't read this article but by the pretext it sounds stupid.

HolyOrangeCows3128d ago

Kinect definitely isn't the thing that they tried to sell us at E3 '09. Natal was a concept, Kinect is a grim reality.

@Hank Hill
Thatherton must be a moderator on this site. Always silencing Ol' top.

No Way3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

:D You are so blind, my good sir. I'm sorry, but it's the truth!
Even the company owners don't act like the fanboys on this site..


Kill Crow3128d ago

so you're saying it has ALL of the potential of the wii ?

I think that's exactly what M$ intended !

seinfan3128d ago

Yet, a lot of people on here vehemently defend the Wii. Sad fuckers.

WLPowell3128d ago

Just without the wii's first party exclusives (You know the only reason the wii is still relevant to gamers and non gamers...) But of course you refuse to accept this because you think MS can acheive what Sega, Capcom, Ubisoft, EA, etc couldn't with a 70 million install base...

Every day the 360 fanboys show they aren't gamers a little more.

Kill Crow3127d ago

now all microsoft needs to do is attract all the housewives and children they neglected in the first place ...

I couldn't care less about Kinect ... same with the move and same with wii ... it's all gimiky junk ...

But I can't fault microsft for exploring new revenue streams - There's still more than enough games for me to play without kinect so wahoooo

sikbeta3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Well, this is insane, this title sounds more like if an xbox fanboy use kinect as the perfect excuse to buy a PS3, which is stupid, kinect is an add-on for the x360, PS3 is a Complete Video Game Console with loads of stuff, you buy a PS3 because you want it, not because an add-on "force" you to change your mind about something...


you're right about that, MS is trying to sell the concept or the idea, but the real stuff applied in the Average Joes houses will vary in a bad way or not as what it was promised...

DelbertGrady3128d ago

Here we go again...

Kinect won't go away, no matter how much you flame it.

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iLLMATICxKiNG3128d ago

Can people just stop bitching?
Fanboys, everywhere. Can you accept that both consoles have their strong and weak points? I personally the like Xbox 360 and Ps3 the same.

uxo223128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

That article was the biggest load of BULLSHIZZA I have read in quite some time. The writer actually made a total ASS of himself, I mean does anyone actually expect people to believe that a item that isn't even out yet would make someone switch away from a console that he claims to love so much. I call BS FANBOY GARBAGE on this one.

It's so lame that it's actually funny.

Also, opinion pieces need to be relegated to some type of opinion piece forum where all the crybabies can share their stories.


hobo513128d ago

really wat should have forced u to buy a ps3 should have been common sense!

princejb1343128d ago

lol sony came out with a gun pointing to his head so he had no choice

visualb3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

people do this for fun right? and ego? and pride?

let them squabble...

I agree with uxo22 though, article is whoaring for hits.

I mean, seriously? kinect made you buy a PS3? soon we'll have a "Why Move made me buy a 360" article to balance it out n get as many hits -_____-

the maturity level in this article / comments section is about 12-14 years old...(being generous here)

vhero3128d ago

You obviously don't get the point do you?? He sees the direction MS are heading for the 360 and its not looking bright for hardcore gamers. MOVE has nothing to do with it as Sony are still staying multi-genre when it comes to gaming. So instead of paying $for an accessory that's half the price of a PS3 he got a PS3. People seriously need to start reading articles before they comment.

ARBitrator3128d ago

Let me guess, you the kind of person that buys six toasters because you get the seventh on for free.

If I am going to the store to possible spend 150 bucks, I'll be damned if I going to whine up buying something else the I had never planned on buying in the first place for twice the price.

Come on vhero, even you don't believe this BS.

NecrumSlavery3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

pick a faction and fight frenchy

iLLMATICxKiNG3128d ago

Doing so will always result in a stalemate.

"Ps3 online is free!" "Xbox 360 has a better home menu."

"Ps3 has better graphics!" "Xbox 360 has a better online community."

"Ps3 has better exclusives!" "Xbox 360 has a better online community.."

alex33693128d ago

geez you guys are worse than the xbox fanboys.....

gcolley3128d ago

they are all fanatics. no real difference to religious fanatics. have you read the sh!t they are spouting, insane. they all carry on like it matters and their lives depend on it. every PS3 article: full of PS3 fanboys worshipping anything Sony. Every 360 article: PS3 fanboys going apeshit. they think if enough of them say the same thing it becomes a fact.

it's those violent games i tell ya

Rumor3128d ago

"ps3 has way more exclusives" "wow, uncharted, killzone(insert other perfect score goty ps3 exclusive) sucks, call of duty is better"