Most Exciting Thing At X07?: A Blackout

Yesterday, Microsoft hosted its X07 in Toronto. Hailed as the "Canadian gaming event of the year," X'07 was put on by Microsoft Canada and apparently didn't have anything nearly as notable as Leipzig or PAX. Reader Ryan attended, telling that Halo 3, Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect were all in appearance.

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gamerriffic4067d ago

and im a pretty constantly updated gamer..
..and i've never heard of this event.

SuperSaiyan44067d ago

I thought there was no X07???

nix4067d ago

that's new! or is it? q:

mighty_douche4067d ago

oh well.... would of been scary if it wasnt for all those red rings that led people to the exits! muhahaha...

TheMART4067d ago

Its not really called the real X07, but its a sort of local event. USA also has it if I'm right, UK has one also

Vojkan4067d ago

Like "blackout" and "die on me" red rings is anything new when it comes to Microsoft

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