Medal of Honor Hot Zone DLC Hits Nov. 2nd

Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced that the hit first-person shooter Medal of HonorTM will further expand its intense multiplayer experience with the release of an all-new multiplayer mode on November 2, 2010.

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yarbie10003132d ago

They need to do something because it doesn't look like this game is doing so good

FragGen3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Making a pay to play game mode less than a month after release when your game already has fewer game modes than competing products is flat out retarded.

Shackdaddy8363132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Its not that bad seeing that they will have a free pack coming at the same time and the fact that new maps in most games today usually cost money... The new map that has been shown looks pretty well done if you ask me btw.

Theres also going to be a patch for PC which nerfs snipers and fixes some issues and I bet there will be a patch for consoles too.

So, all together you will get 4 new maps, 2 remade maps, 2 new game modes, and a good patch all for a total cost of 10 bucks which seems like a fair deal to me.

raztad3132d ago

Bad decision from EA.

Those new modes/mappacks should be for free. Game is light on content and BO is just around the corner so the online component is going to suffer.

I'm guessing they are happy with those 1.5m of copies sold and just want to milk the current userbase.

lostinplace3132d ago

Good to see they're making a push against black ops

DTMBSquid3132d ago

EA's blatant disregard for rental/used gamers has produced the current negative impact on MOH.

Fishy Fingers3132d ago

I think it's more that the brand isnt close to what it used to be, the game is average-good, nothing special and it's stuck right between Halo and COD.

It's done perfectly well for EA though, I'd expect to see a sequel. Hopefully one running one engine developed by one team.

showtimefolks3132d ago

what EA should have stayed away from.

this game needed more time, more maps, more modes and online/offiline same engine.

i am glad someone want to take the fight to COD but than make sure your product is really AAA stuff.

i don't play COD series but one thing i always see is how great it look, story 4 HRS long but ste price after set piece.

and online is where you see people get addicted but with MOH they just took MW2's success and build a good not great game

showtimefolks3132d ago

since this game is out that it will be improved on and we will see a new MOH in 2011 like we really need more FPS.

when EA delyed nba elite i was glad that game needed more time and now when it comes out in october 2011 as elite 2012 it will be a much better game.

EA need to do their own thing with MOH a longer story and a better story is what i am looking for EA.

also add more depth to online maps,modes and overall game

jjank113132d ago

I don't see how this helps their cause. Many people have either returned it or put it up for auction. Plus you have to pay for one of the map packs.

This game needs a patch for consoles before COD comes out or the MoH servers will have such low numbers.

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The story is too old to be commented.