Kingdom Hearts Prequels Coming

According to Quartermann's reports from 1up, in the latest issue of EGM, speculation is high about a Wii-xclusive spin-off of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Now, a series of prequels may be in the works for different platforms, much like the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII has done so. The FFVII Compilation has reached PS1, PS2, PSP and mobile phones so far, and the Kingdom Hearts series may very well follow suite.

Kingdom Hearts games have appeared on the Playstation 2 (Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II) and the Game Boy Advance (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.)

Square is expected to make an announcement at this year's Tokyo Game Show, scheduled for late September.

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GodofPeace4095d ago

Word on this blog or w/e it is; is " speculation " which means its a guess -.-

Chaos Striker4095d ago

speculation is a guess. And that's why its under rumors. but we all know that something is brewing....and the chances are pretty high for this to happen.

jkoz4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

"Rumors" man... that's exactly what speculation is. And it was blogged on a reputable site. Thanks for reestablishing that for us.

junk564095d ago

if its true.
COME ON..... stupid spinoffs. chain of memories was bad enough. final mix didnt even change up the combat system... just get on with kingdom hearts 3....

but i guess the developers are workign too hard on FFvs13 to care about kingdom hearts now.. ah well, gotta sacrifice something :(

btkadams4095d ago

this is so lame. kingdom hearts 1 and 2 were played by people who had ps2s, why confuse those gamers and put kh games on the wii and ds? i know chain of memories was on the gameboy but that was barely a game, it was totally different and was even remade on the ps2. the ps3 is waiting for u square, and so are we.

junk564095d ago

the team that did the kingdom hearts franchise is doing FFvs13 atm so they wont be handling the next kingdom hearts game (if it goes to the wii).

but videos and secrets hint kh3 is coming to the ps3, not to mention the team is already working on the ps3 so more the reason to put it on ps3. but i wont be surprised if it goes to the wii, but its a split between the wii and ps3 or both. trust me, its not going to the 360

jkoz4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

If a KH game comes out on Wii, who says it's going to be KH3? Chain of memories wasn't KH2. The Wii one may be another spinoff, and the "real" KH3 may come out on PS3. I don't think the article mentioned *anything* about "Kingdom Hearts III", only the idea of spinoffs and sequels...

sumfood4u4095d ago

I welcome 3 an hope they think about remaking ff7 next!

Nicosia4095d ago

The thing about kingdom hearts is that is so kiddie/non-kiddie anyone can enjoy it.I think people are going overboard that there might be a wii exlcusive, i think its logical because of the fact that KH is pretty much a kiddie/casual game. But i think it will be like a more mini-game based thing. Can't wait for KH3 though, think about how far the grafics might have come, look at KH2 it was beautiful!(except the Pirates of the Carabian thing though uhhhhh).

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The story is too old to be commented.