Unreal Tournament III GC 2007 Developer Walkthrough Pt. 1 head's to Necropolis to take an action-packed look at the powerful weaponry and vehicles.

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Blackmoses4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

I do belove I have a new favorite to be released soon. They really don't get close enough to see a whole lot but for what you can see it looks pretty damn cool.

Crazyglues4160d ago

What's really amazing to me is how smooth and fast it's running on PS3, this game is going to be amazing - I can't wait to build my own board on PC an port it to the PS3... Thats' just going to be too much fun.

(I see some sick days getting used up in Nov.. around the 12th.. )funny how that is the same day the game comes out... LoL

Foliage4160d ago

Great video. I wish the camera was closer to the screen, but it was fun seeing the developer conversing.

I like the style the game has going on. Being an old school Unreal fan I am looking forward to buying this game immensely. It looks great on the PS3.

Funky Town_TX4160d ago

Other than a few weapons how is this different from any other unreal. I hope the story mode is good. I have tried to get into Unreal but I can't.

Clinton5144160d ago

I can rest easy knowing that I won't have to upgrade my PC for another UT title. :) Good job as usual Epic.

Crazyglues4160d ago

yeah that's going to be cool that a lot of people won't have to worry about upgrading because they can just play it on PS3

so cool..

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The story is too old to be commented.