Probable Failure: Sonic 4 Review

Sebastian at Probable Failure writes, "Sonic the Hedgehog has been a facet of my gaming life ever since I first played sonic as a wee lil’ lad. Until now, Sega has gone through a decade long run of throwing their own feces all over Sonic (The proverbial “shit hit the fan” didn’t quite make the mental image I was going for). For me, the game that showed Sega turning around was actually Sonic Unleashed for the Wii, the Sonic day-time levels of course. Sega actually looked like it was working hard and taking some effort in restoring Sonic’s name. Their attempts can be clearly seen (key word: “attempts”) in Sonic the Hedgehog 4, the latest entry into the hedgehog’s library. They do this by bringing the original Sonic players back to the 2D world Sonic is most loved for. But does this return to the 2D world actually fix anything?"

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NateNater3132d ago

So Sonic 4 is a probable failure?

showtimefolks3131d ago

and some of my friends loved it yeh its on the short end of the stick for 14.99 but it the right step moving forward for sega.

now they know what they need to improve on for episode 2 make it longer more fluid controls and say about 9.99

BXbomber3131d ago

I prefer Sonic remix that was not made by sega

THE MAX SPEED 213131d ago

I enjoyed Sonic 4 . I dint pay for it aswell.

GameScrub3131d ago

Sure there are stuff I wish they didn't mess with like the uncurling, slower speed in ball mode than running mode and physics.

But in general the gameplay was still awesome, just needed to get adjusted to the new game. And I played many many hours on it already, surely getting my 15 dollars worth.

Getting all the achievements where fun and difficult but in the end it was a great sonic game.

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