GamingBites : The Force Unleashed 2 Wii Review

Overall RedFly did a passable job of bringing Star Wars TFU2 to the Wii, but the lack of a strong physics system destroys the great feeling of Krome's last game.


+Looks Better
+Better combos/ battle system
+Prerendered cutscenes (unnecessarily simplified)


-Terrible physics
-Environments aren't as interactive as 1st game
-Waggle Quicktime events are long and annyoing.
-Button mapping isn't very good

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tunaks13131d ago

finally some reviews of the wii version.

AEtherbane3130d ago

Just too bad its no better than the HD versions :/

stragomccloud3130d ago

Too bad to hear that the physics aren't very good this time around. I'm really interested to see how the pre rendered cutscenes, are "dumbed down" now.