Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Released, Where Are The Lines?

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 gave the Japanese PSP a reason to live. Over there, it's sold about a million billion copies. Half a million on the first day of sale alone. In the US, though? Nobody. Cares. The game was released today, and instead of long lines and big sales the first you probably realised it was out was when you read this. Anyone else keen on seeing what all the fuss is about? I've always found the idea of Monster Hunter an appealing one...

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Schmitty074069d ago

I went to Gamestop to get it today, but it won't arrive until tomorrow. Its the only reason I still have a PSP, otherwise I would have sold it a long time ago.

jlytle12344069d ago

i played the first one and ive had the second one for a few days now. Its really cool and i enjoy all the new weapons. Starting off it better in this one than the first because you have the basic model for every weapon style in this game. so you can start with duel blade or the new gunlance and bow. the environment is in the mountains so you wear big bundled armor. You can also carry over your save from the first game and get some money for your weapons and armor as well as keep your items in your chest. you can change the apperance and facial features/gender of your previous character. the only thing you have to keep is the name.