Gamespot - The Force Unleashed II Review

Though occasionally enjoyable, this Force-powered sequel is a mere apprentice to its superior predecessor.

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PS3Freak3132d ago

There seems to be a trend going on here...

BornToKill3132d ago

all the cool kids are giving it a 6 or a 7.

i hate those kids.

Digitaldude3132d ago

I don't want to sound elitist but who actually expected something from this game? not I.

ChineseDemocracy3132d ago

I'd rather play as Kyle Katarn.

Only thing that interested me about this game is the unlockable "Guybrush Threepkiller" costume.

Nihilism3132d ago

Nah-uh, it's a conspiracy, you heard it right, hundreds of critics are wrong, but the N4G crowd would have you buying it only to find out the critics were right just so they can say "be original like me, I ignore bad reviews because I am an individual!!!" *they then go and put eye liner on and their newest AFI T-shirt and join up in a line of hundreds, all wearing the same clothes, so they can get an autograph like beggars waiting for bread, all the while expressing their individuality*


cool cole3132d ago

Too true. For me, I liked the demo, so I might rent it, but the general consensus is that it is a bad game.

nightfallinicedearth3132d ago

What the hell are you talking about?

visualb3132d ago

One thing is disregarding a review because ultimately you enjoy the game (me ignoring most fallout new vegas reviews because to me its better than FO3 in almost every way)

another thing is going off saying the site sucks or the site is biased or bought out because 1 review is unfavorable, but when a 10/10 comes to uncharted 2 or KZ3 or wtv, its "ok again"

if you disagree with a review, disagree with it, don't piss and whine

however, there are shit sites to go for reviews.

IMO its gametrailers, IGN and gamesradar, but every review they do sucks (even good ones that favor my preference)

insomnium3132d ago

Same avatar picture, negative attitude and the expression "*giggles*" in the end. That's it you are dchalfont.

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JokesOnYou3132d ago

How did they go so wrong after such a great demo? damm.


Software_Lover3132d ago

Is it possible to be worst than the first when it comes to reviews?

A bunch of special effects and force powers dont make a great star wars game.

KOTOR still the best game in the license it seems. I also liked Jedi Academy 2.

Tainted Gene3131d ago

i loved playing darkside Jaden, especially after run my lightsaber thru that basxxxd friend of my.

fight4love3132d ago

seems like this game sucks. never had much hope for it anyway.

ASTAROTH3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Underrated!!!. The graphics are some of the best I seen this year for a multiplatform. Maybe behind Castlevania. the game is action packed and the story is good enough. the media are doing the same they did with MOH. A shame because it seems they all wanted to just save your money for superior games (ahem BLACK OPS..AHEM). Give it a try , at least rent it. This game and MOH will surprise you all...

The next victim will be SPLATTERHOUSE!!!

EDIT: I cant believe the A$$holes at IGN gave Fable 3 an 8.5 and this game a 6.5. Ive been playing FABLE 3 and its almost unplayable thanks to a really bad framerate. It also has screentearing to death, yet the almost 40 reviews it has received had forgot these faults. I cant believe what the gaming media has evolved into.. a pile of CRAP!!

thesithfreak3132d ago

star wars TFU 2 is awesome. guess lucasarts isnt handing out review paychecks

Red_Phoenix3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )


I completely agree with you on the fact that MOH is a beastly game. I hate how most reviewers, like IGN, commented on how bad the multiplayer was, when in fact it is superb in my opinion. Saying the multiplayer is bad or good is a matter of opinion and should not effect the review score.

With Star Wars, even IGN mentioned in their review video how amazing the graphics and weather effects are. It seems everyone is disliking the story for some reason and also the length of the game. :( I have not played the game, so I can not comment, but I am personally a Star Wars fan so I give this game thumbs up regardless whether it is actually good or bad.

visualb3132d ago

Saying the multiplayer is bad or good is a matter of opinion and should not effect the review score.

sorry but every review is an opinion. thus why it should be taken so seriously

ZombieNinjaPanda3132d ago

I've seen nothing but 6s for this game. Ouch. Demo was alright to say the least, hope this will teach LucasArts that Battlefront 3 and Kotor is the way to be.

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