Xbox Live policy slows 360 KUFII release

MMO Kingdom Under Fire II works on Xbox 360 but still won't be released until - at the earliest - Christmas 2011, Eurogamer can reveal.

Why? The same reason Champions Online struggled on console: the closed Xbox Live platform.

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jack who3130d ago

"The same reason Champions Online struggled on console: the closed Xbox Live platform" console owner wants too pay 15$/month close or open

NYC_Gamer3130d ago

thats why mmo games dont belong on console

Vegeta90003130d ago

Console owners don't mind paying $15 a month, especially 360 owners. People who own a 360 don't mind ads in their games, ads cluttering their dashboard, and the fact that they now have to pay $10 extra dollars a year for XBL. Sure, they'll cry about it but they'll still pay for it.

Moonboots3130d ago

Take your own advice pal!

Stop generalizing 360 owners. If I was to do that to the other console owners on this site and a particularly vocal group in general here it would not be pretty.

You want to pick on the fanboys who ask for it fine. But to come into a 360 article and tell everyone what 360 owners do and don't is ridiculous. I would hope for some moderation here but I've already given up on that.

radphil3130d ago

As much as I agree with said statement, you got people paying for Live right out of their pockets, so that statement slightly loses weight. =\

People are still playing PSU on the 360 actually, while the PS2 and PC versions were shut down.

Moonboots3130d ago

Yup. I welcome new games but I am not paying a penny more then what I already do to play online. If XBL offered Gold members free MMO access I would bite otherwise I have a PC if I want to play those.

ingiomar3130d ago

Guild wars 2 is said to come to consoles too, its very likely since its B2P (buy to play), like all other console games

BillOreilly3130d ago

WTF this does still have the single player game right. I thought the mmo-ish part was for multiplayer like large scale battles between your armies? Well im staying away if its all online f*** that!!!

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earbus3130d ago

This game is the one ive waited for all this gen i can wait longer , or get pc first either way the game shall be insane.

The Maxx3130d ago

One of my most anticipated games this gen. To bad it is taking so long to get this game out. I sure as hell hope this doesn't become vapourware do to it's long dev time and tight restrictions to have an MMO over Xbox Live.


All there rules will eventually kill them in the end.