The Best Looking Third-Party Wii Games

The Nintendo Wii isn't anywhere near as powerful as its PS3 or Xbox 360 counterparts, but the system has held its own quite well against the HD and photo realistic games of this generation. Nintendo has always been a master of their own system with great looking games including Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid Prime 3, but many third party developers on the Wii have put out stunning games visually.

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Loadedklip3979d ago

Best looking third party games on the Wii?

Monster Hunter
Red Steel 2
Tatsonoku vs Capcom
Resident Evil Darkside Chronicals/Umbrella Chronicals

I am sure I am missing maybe another 2 pretty good looking third party games but most of their graphical efforts have been pretty bad on the Wii.

Desert Turtle3979d ago

Capcom has been great on Wii.

Venox20083979d ago

Deaadly creatures..
Marble saga: kororinpa
Sin & Punishment 2
Fatal Frame IV
A boy and his blob
No more heroes 1 & 2
House of the dead: overkill
Dead space: extraction

..and there are more good lookin' games on wii of 3rd party :)

Loadedklip3979d ago

Good choices except No More Heroes. Great game but graphically not so much.