PES vs FIFA 2011 Edition (Strategy Informer)

SI: "In the last two weeks we’ve analysed in depth both FIFA 11 and PES 2011 for review. Each article explored the intricacies of this year’s leading football titles and it’s now time to directly compare the two games. Usually, we stay away from a fragmented, organised approach, but for ease, the comparison piece will be structured accordingly. For those after a short answer, FIFA 11 is the leader by a long shot. PES 2011 is a big improvement over last year’s edition, but it still falls short in every department."

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Incipio2912d ago

FIFA has proven itself over the past couple years, and the latest iteration (FIFA 11) shows its continuing domination in the football / soccer sim genre.

foss32912d ago

I bought FIFA11 this year and played it offline and online a lot. I enjoyed it and it was fun. I had some good online matches as well and played about 3-4 seasons in the career mode.

The things I did not like about FIFA were:
- The players all played and felt the same.
- It was far too easy for a defender to take the ball off of you and almost impossible to thread a through ball past a defender.
- Load times were long and did annoy me, especially in career mode just going through the days waiting for a game. Sometimes you would get emails that would pause the calendar, you had to then press to close the inbox which would cause a huge load delay and then continue waiting as the days passed.. terrible.

I picked up PES11 a few days ago and I have to say it's so much more fun. The way the game feels isn't 100% to the glory days of PS2 but it is the first PES that is toe to toe with FIFA. I'm having a lot more fun passing and shooting especially in PES. Another thing that is wonderful is there are practically no load times except for when you're first starting a match, and even that is quite minimal.

I've hated every PES on the PS3 with the possible exception of 2010, but I really didn't since I didn't play it very much. I finally got FIFA this year and I have to say while it was a good game, it was seriously flawed and was far from the perfect soccer game that reviews and fans make it seem to be.

nix2911d ago

i knew PES11 was gonna be a different game the minute i played the first game on a demo. funny thing was i just couldn't pass or do anything. it was odd but i knew THIS game has to be learnt to enjoy. i read abt the game, tactics etc n finally figured out how to play it. i tried FIFA11 later but it's nothing than 'tap, tap, tap...' game.

passing in PES11 can be the most irritating or satisfying experience depending on how good you are at the game. it is truly an evolution.

Trey4Lyfe2912d ago

According to Reviews and Sales, FIFA has retained it's crown once again. PES did get better though, but I'm sticking with FIFA.