PS2: It happened ten years ago

Even though the Playstation 2 isn’t selling much nowadays, there was a time when EVERYONE wanted one and EVERYONE was having a blast playing it.

But let me tell you a story…

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XxDeathDoctorxX2918d ago

i was 12 yrs old when ps2 came out 10 yrs ago and it was the best system ps3 is a great system too just wish we had all the ps2 games on ps3 in hd remade i remember playin dark cloud socom mgs ps2 will always be one of the best in gaming history

tacosRcool2918d ago

I wish they would do more HD remakes too. I have a backwards compatible PS3 but I yearn for better graphics of the classics I love and enjoy

OhReginald2918d ago

PS2...It only does happening ten years ago.

nix2918d ago

happy b'day, ps2. i got PS3 bcoz of you. q:

Droid Control2918d ago

I remember that i had preordered the pS2 for £300 at GAME.
I was strangely more excited about its DVD playing functions than its launch line-up of games.

Don't get me wrong, the PS2's launch line up was great, there just wasn't anything that i personally cared for.

I eventually brought an Xbox but that also had a crap control pad at launch. It wasn't until the controller S that i finally felt confortable using a control pad.

I think my problem with the Playstation pads it the placement of the analogue sticks...

Originally, the PS1 had no analogue sticks, only a D-Pad.
Sony tacked them onto the bottom of the pad when the new technology caught on with the N64. When it cames time to release the PS2 though, instead of taking the opportunity to correct the prblem and offset the sticks, they chose to re-release the same old pad again. Which was fine for most, but not for me. Now with the PS3, i'm stuck with a pad i still struggle to feel comfortable with. Only this time, i find that my fingers slip off the triggers. Its why i'm going to buy the xbox 360 designed pad for my PS3 as soon as i can. I love my PS3, i just don't care much for the controller.

OhReginald2918d ago

the placement is fine. To me it feels way better with aligned sticks then off-set.

SoapShoes2918d ago

Yeah, I don't see how reaching down for the left stick is so awkward when you have to do the same for the right stick. Also my fingers never slip off the triggers.... :\

Tito082918d ago

That controller design was perfect for most games, Racing, fighting, flight, action adventure, 360 controller, for me, is only good for FPS!!!!

nycredude2918d ago

Oh STFU Droid Control. you are nothing but a troll. Seriously you really think people believe you when you say you can't find a game you care for amongst the Ps2's lineup? If so then you aren't a gamer.