Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Review -- Examiner

Casual fans will love it. Hardcore Star Wars fans probably won't.

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poopnscoop3825d ago

I hear the framerate for the PS3 version is a lot lower and that load times are alot slower even with install.

Is that true?

Cevapi883825d ago

i would love to see the source that you got that info from....then again, trolling is your forte, or lack thereof

ZombieAssassin3825d ago

Would be funny considering i think the first one had a better framerate on the Ps3, but from the demo they seem to be about the same in everything over-all so you cant go wrong either way.

Urmomlol3825d ago

Bummer to hear that the story sucks. The most important part of any Star Wars game is the storyline.

tehk1w13825d ago

Still a day one purchase for me, regardless of the review scores

gaden_malak3825d ago

Me too. And I get my FU2 t-shirt with it.

Fishy Fingers3825d ago

Looks like a rental for me, was on the fence whether or not to purchase and form the reviews I've read so far seems like a rental is the best option. Something to play before Black Ops takes up all my game time.

orange-skittle3825d ago

After the demo, this game is a must buy for me. I was impressed. Waaay better than the first

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