PlayStation 2 Turns Ten Years Old Tomorrow In North America

Sony's PlayStation 2 is one of the greatest video game consoles of all time. Not only has it built up a tremendous library of software over the years, but it's also sold more than 145 million units worldwide -- more than any other console to date.

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electricshadow2968d ago

Amazing system. I had so much playing on it. "The Bouncer" and "GTA III" I remember the most. Happy Birthday, PS2!

BulletToothtony2968d ago

yep ps2 will always be the king.. if it had not been for it, this generation would NEVER been like it is today..

ps2 opened the doors to a whole new way of entertainment..

i'll never forget mgs2, one of my best experiences of my life.. it's right up there with RFoM and MGS4..

thanks Sony for taking risks!

nix2968d ago

happy advance b'day, ps2. it's the system that got me back to console gaming. no wonder i own a ps3. thank you Sony! q:

nevin12968d ago

To celebrate, i will play PS2 games on PS2 system instead of my BC PS3.

Also, what do u think Sony plans are considering they celebrated The Playstation brand 15th anniversary.

GoldPS32968d ago

Lets celebrate by putting PS2 games on PSN. Make it happen Sony.

GLoRyKnoT2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

That's great! happy b-day PS2!

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