APB Coming From the Grave?

E4G: If you don't know about APB's timely demise then you must not have payed attention to the gaming industry in the past 2 months. The sudden death of the MMO All Points Bulletin has been on every major gaming news site but we may have spoken too soon.

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soundslike2919d ago

This is the type of game I could get lost in, the repetitive objectives aren't an issue because they only serve as a focus point for the battles you fight (like bfbc's MCOM stations). I wish this game came to consoles...

Blacktric2919d ago

Hope they buy it and let it live in someway (like F2P with micro transactions maybe). It died too soon.

erathaol2918d ago

I think it died too late, never even came close to making back the money they wasted on it.

KillerPwned2919d ago

I`d love to see this come back if their was ever a trial id give it a shot looks good. This game does have potential.

distorted_reality2919d ago

I stopped caring for this game when, after participating in the beta for months, I found out it wasn't available in my country/region. Bloody annoying.

Tbh I wasn't surprised it died so quickly - while the customization part of the game was brilliant, the gameplay was fairly poor. Was a shame, I was envisioning what GTA4's mp should of been.

I'd be very surprised if it got resurrected without a massive overhaul.

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The story is too old to be commented.