CBC NEWS | Fable III Review

CBCNEWS: If Sir Ben Kingsley is involved, you just know it's going to be good, right? By offering something for everyone, Fable III is a thoroughly impressive and satisfying twist on the well-worn genre of fantasy role-playing — and a resume entry that Ben Kingsley can be proud of.

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CloudAC2918d ago

I can not WAIT to play this!

kancerkid2918d ago

Game sounds quite good. I don't really like Victorian settings, but this game may make me reconsider something I once abhorred.

Heartnet2918d ago

Although this game will Rock ^^ it will be same as Fable 2 imo i played it at eurogamer and was not that impressed by the progress they have made since the 2nd ^^

inveni02918d ago

Happy this one is coming to PC, too.

VictoriousOne2918d ago ShowReplies(3)
DOOMZ2918d ago

I cant Wait!!!! Getting mine ASAP...

Bigpappy2918d ago

Look forward to playing through this latest effort by Peter M.

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