123Kinect:- Kinect Dance Paradise Video

Live footage of people playing "Dance Party in Motion" on Kinect for 360.

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rroded2942d ago

thats gonna make kinect fly off the shelves?

still waiting for the girl in skimpy undies vid..

rroded2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

am i the only one who likes hot barely dressed girls gyrating for whatever reason?

or is it just ya dont think this games the shizle? Cause im a total kinect doubter n i think it looks kinda neat... not that id buy it but certainly the best looking kinect game to date.

aceitman2942d ago

real stupid i dont see them doing the same moves and i dont think thr doing what the game tells them to and plus this is for familys really whats with the song saying the shit word really for family not for my family at all .

Bigpappy2942d ago

I don't think they understand what they are suppose to be doing. It is as though they never danced.

They are suppose to be following the movement to the dancer when he get to the end of the runway. looks like a 4 player game.