We Will, We Will Rock You - Maybe

"The more music games evolve, the more they all look the same."

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lavachoke2939d ago

lol might as well add crazy intruments like the xylophone or a flute

alee2939d ago

Sounds to me like the results of trying to make safe business decisions, which is more likely the more they spend to develop each sequel.

barefootgamer2939d ago

I think music games have kind of jumped the shark. Although they're still great for drunken parties with friends. ;)

Chromer2939d ago

If the king of music games, Bemani, got their heads out of their collective asses and released DDR, Beatmania IIDX, and Pop'n Music over here.

Wolfaxy2939d ago

In other words, anything BEAMNI that can be found in the arcades.

Jubeat FTW! (You guys over in that other continent know it as Ubeat. Strange.)

athmaus2939d ago

i still love playing them :)

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