DFC: Can In-Game Ads Meet Expectations?

DFC Intelligence forecasts console game advertising revenue to grow 250 percent in five years, but that's not nearly as bullish as other industry watchers. DFC explains its restraint within.

"For the record we forecasted that console game advertising would grow 250 percent from 2007 to 2012. This would seem like strong growth, but it is an order of magnitude lower than what some people are expecting (praying for?). However, we have several reasons for being on the cautious side in our forecasts.

The first issue to note is that consoles are just starting to get connected online. In today's market it is often assumed that anyone buying a PC will have an online connection. In fact, without an online connection, many consumers would be reduced to using their PC as a paperweight. This is clearly not the case with console systems. An online connection is not necessary to enjoy the bulk of what a videogame platform can offer. Furthermore, the ideal setup for connecting a game system is to have a home PC network, preferably with Wi-Fi access. This is becoming"

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