Get Fit With Mel B. Review (PlayStation 3/Move)- Gameplaybook

Does the former Scary Spice make a good workout guide? Find out in Gameplaybook's review!

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sinncross2913d ago

Surprisingly good score.
That said I disagree with this part:
"It’s not really the fault of the developer, but rather the PlayStation Move itself. For instance, the PlayStation Eye has a real problem tracking some of your ground activities, unless you have enough space for the device’s range."

Its an exercise game: if you havent got enough space then thats your fault.
Also, if the the PS move cant function in some of the activities properly, should the devs not have noted this and done some about it?

sack_boi2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

What does the "B" stand for? Mel B!atch?

sack_boi2913d ago

Oh, it's actuall Melanie Brown. i've never heard of her, but she's freaking hot.

mikeslemonade2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

She's the only good looking spice girl left over. The others are three are fat and one is too skinny. Actually Sporty Spice lost some weight and she is pretty hot still.

TheDCD2913d ago

The PS Move is kind of tricky with the way its camera is set up. We've seen several people talk about how Sports Champions couldn't calibrate properly, with the positioning of hands and such. It's weird.

And we have plenty of space.

sinncross2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Have you tried recalibrating the Move via the Accessory Setting on the XMB?
That option is like an overriding calibration option in case the move is nto functioning properly.

tatotiburon2913d ago

hot chick...but Your Shape Fitness is much better than this

thebudgetgamer2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

can i have a ride mister future man?

edit: just saying, since he's clearly played both he must be from the future. i can pay.


N4Great2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

he is not mc fly, just another ms employees working in the viral marketing division :)

cmrbe2913d ago

lol!. Great for those that love this kinda crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.