Lens of Truth - Head2Head: PES 2011 Demo Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes "The demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 has finally been released on the Xbox Live Marketplace this past week. The demo has been available on the Playstation Network for what seems like an eternity, and we’ve been patiently awaitting its arrival on Microsoft’s system so we could give you the details on the what differences we found between the two consoles (if any). So if you haven’t picked up FIFA 11 yet and are more of a PES fan, you’ll want to check out our latest Screenshot Comparison to ensure you grab the right version. Enjoy!"

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RudeSole Devil2916d ago

Way better than FIFA 11, EA still sucks with cross platform ports.

Joe Bomb2916d ago

I think Konami transformed International Superstar Soccer into PES, so PES def has longevity on FIFA. Between the two demos I played I liked FIFA a tiny bit more.

ArthurLee2916d ago

Still haven't decided which Soccer game to get but I think its going to be FIFA. This looks good though too.

Seijoru2916d ago

Get Fifa, it is more realistic in gameplay although PES has more realistic lighting.

Nate-Dog2915d ago

FIFA's more realistic if every player scored the exact same goal again and again. I had it and was bored of it's unoriginality and blandness, it's no different to FIFA 10 so if you have that stick with it.

Got PES today in place of FIFA and I think I'm gonna be much happier with it.

Shogun Master2916d ago

This one is pretty even. FIFA is a much better game though IMO.

donkeydoo2916d ago

FIFA looks like poo compared tho PES

foss32916d ago

I've enjoyed FIFA11, but I can't get over the fact that players all do seem the same. There is way too much switching of possession in midfield it's not realistic. It's not possible to dribble past any defender no matter how good the dribbler is and how poor the defender is. There are lots of positives about FIFA but overall I think PES is finally ahead of FIFA again.

I own FIFA11 and have held off buying PES11. I'm trading in FIFA11 to Amazon today and picking up PES11. It's just more fun and at the end of the day that's what it's all about.

TheBlackSmoke2916d ago

I cant stand how every player in fifa has the same shoulderless body, automatic dribbling assist, shitty EA soundtrack, umm plastic looking..shit...

Pro evo 5 forever

Nate-Dog2915d ago

Did the exact same thing mate, and it really does still have that fun and unpredictable brilliance that some of the older PES games had.

tatotiburon2916d ago

how can anyone with all they senses say that pes looks better than Fifa?...are you blind??...Fifa 11 destroy pes complety

N4Great2916d ago

Oh, ok,your not only a ms employee, you are also blind :)

pes graphics are better since two years (2009, 2008 fifa had better graphic).

The Creep2916d ago

not by much though. ps3 version is just a little sharper. and more colourful.

but thats probably because it was lead. its got a bigger fan base there

Bigpappy2916d ago

but I choose the 360 version. The jags in the PS3 version take away from the graphic quality. But again, you probly will not notice during gameplay.

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