Ham: ‘We view Brink as having the opportunity to convert single-player gamers into online’ gamers

PS3 Attitude caught up with Richard Ham and Edward Stern to discuss the various design features that Splash Damage are implementing into Brink to make it completely accessible for the single-player gamer.

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AceofStaves2916d ago

From what the interview says, Brink may give people who are curious about online play the chance to try it out without some of the difficulties associated with it. Online play seems pretty intimidating. I prefer single-player, myself.

maawdawg2916d ago

Giving new people a better entry point/level is great as long as there is still advanced gameplay for those who look for that.

"Easy to pick up, hard to master" would be great for everyone.

NecrumSlavery2916d ago

Anything replecating the online/offline experince like Borderlnads did,, is well welcomed. I love that style of social connectivity in games.

seanoc2916d ago

You hit the nail on the head. Going online can be intimidating at first, so many of the features implemented by Splash Damage are really good. What's really important tho, is that the competitive edge won't be diluted. This will still appeal to hardcore fps fans.

lazysey2916d ago

there's this game called CALL OF DUTY. I guarantee that there are twice as many people playing the multiplayer component of that game compared to everyone playing a single player game of any kind and any platform combined.

maawdawg2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Where does it say in the article they are looking to take on Call of duty? This is a game about converting players who only play campaign into MP gamers.

Also, Black Ops isn't MW3 by IW. It is a Treyarch game so i'll believe it will own the FPS players a half year when I see it.

Yes, a lot of people will be playing Black Ops. Brink doesn't launch until spring (probably March) people will be looking for something else to play at some point and not everyone will sit and play Black Ops forever.

scar202916d ago

@Lazysey CALL OF DUTY is overrated its the same stuff every year and with minor updates and people still dish out $60 for it then they make those $15 map pack which should have been in the game in the first place.So yea basically cod has hit rock bottom by being released every year.

lazysey2916d ago

I didn't say they were trying to take on call of duty, I'm saying call of duty has already done this already.

And since you don't have a clue, people who hated Modern Warfare 2 (i.e 5% of the population) are going to buy this game because of the fact it isn't made by INFINITY WARD.

Sure people will be looking for other games to play by then, but people aren't going to stop playing Black Ops because it has value and a reward system that people actually care about.

How many people do you think will stray off a path of progress heavily established by the COD franchise to play Brink for the rest of the year? No one.

lazysey2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Oh one of my favorite cod quotes "overrated". Yes, its overrated because they came up with a good formula for the franchise. You're totally right, my argument, SPORTS GAMES.

Moving on, I'll agree with you about the $15 dlc as about it, but thats just a business decision, and you didn't have to buy the map packs if you wanted too or not, as for me it brought hours, days of content because of all the modes that can be played within them.

Finally, above all things, any games in their right mind, are the same old SHIT every year. Especially the fps genre, what more could you do that FALLOUT 3 has done that isn't an RPG? Tell me friend. Before you answerm why don't you and the other 5 people on n4g swap nintendo wii friendcodes so you can play some littlebigplanet because ya sound lonely there little feller.

scar202916d ago

@lazysey Dude any game can come up with the shitty formula cod has but most developers don't want to end up with a arcade shooter they want it to stand out from other shooters on the market.FYI yes i happen to like wii and little big planet its better than what you will be playing this winter kinectimals what kind of company makes a animal game for kiddies ROFLMFAO.

DaCajun2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

"Before you answerm why don't you and the other 5 people on n4g swap nintendo wii friendcodes so you can play some littlebigplanet because ya sound lonely there little feller. "

WOW not only are you a flaming fanboy but not a very ignorant one at that. LBP is on the PS3 not the Wii. Before anyone freaks out about me calling him ignorant look up the definition because if you don't know what it really means that also makes you ignorant and that is not always a bad thing just mean you don't know or have never learned any better.

Be a real gamer and own all systems like some of us. PC, XBOX360, Wii, and PS3 here. Also have all the older systems back to the atari 2600 but boxed away.

maawdawg2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

What are you even talking about lazysey? So 5% of the population hated MW2 so they will buy Black Ops because of it? OK.

"Call of Duty has done this already" Done what exactly? Converted single player people into MP players? Hardly. It alienates bunches of players and leaves only certain types. What Brink is trying to do is make a game where you don't have to deal with "leaderboard first" idiots and foul mouthed 12 year olds that litter the other console FPS games.

COD series is a derivative MP-FPS that cherrypicked the best bits from past games into a solid package, it isn't groundbreaking. CoD wasn't really innovative, it was just well polished ideas from other games. It set a standard for a game type that already existed. Brink is going down an entirely different path.

Black Ops will have the same game mode types as basically every other FPS on the market and their previous releases. Brink is something fundamentally different. It isn't point control, or CTF, or deathmatch. It doesn't even have "game modes". It is a team based game where the versus and co-op take place in the campaign, drop-in style. Think L4D versus with 8 on 8, where you get to play both sides of the campaign, mixed with TF2, and with light parkour (like AC/morriors edge).

It really sounds like you know nothing about what the game is and didn't read the article you just came here to spew some "COD RULEZ" nonsense.

Have fun with your repetitive 25 levels of prestige in Black Ops, which I guess is the amazing COD "value and reward system". I'll pass on the same old thing I played in other games (but with a fresh coat of paint) to try something new.

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CombineElite2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

With PC gamers basically living online playing MMO's and RTS, with some console gamers paying just to play online who on this planet besides Grandma playing solitaire on a Windows 98 PC with no internet connection plays video games without some Online-MP component?

If Brink is going after Grandma then good luck!

Online gaming is actually saturated, Developers need to make EPIC single player games again as I don't always wanna play online with "Kill_Cam_187 or Pwn_Star_9" yelling in my ear "FN campers" or "Headshot BE-otches" or the classic "F that I shot him first, this game sucks I'm going back to (insert game here)".

AceofStaves2916d ago

Sometimes it seems devs are abandoning the Single-Player experience in favour of online multiplayer. I've seen reviews penalizing games for not having multiplayer online, even if that doesn't add to the game experience.

Epic single-player games, ftw!

Garrus_Vakarian2916d ago

Yeah, I'm really starting to get sick of multiplayer games. I've been looking for a great time to quit online gaming on the Xbox(even more so with the price increase) and Halo: Reach has given me that opportunity(big disappointment).

I'll be checking out the DA:O UE. Also can't wait for Mass Effect 3.

ReservoirDog3162916d ago

I heavily prefer singleplayer but I'm really looking forward to it. True innovation in a fps? Everyone needs to get this.

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All_4_One2916d ago

LOL. Try your best, but multi-player gaming will always take a back seat to single player gaming for me, always.

TheColbertinator2916d ago

Are you planning to play All-4-One by yourself?

All_4_One2916d ago

No, I have a couple buddies who are going to pick it up too. I played every other ratchet by myself though, except for Deadlocked, I did a lot of split-screen with that one.

Garrus_Vakarian2916d ago

Deadlocked split-screen was so fun! Good memories.

MGRogue20172916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Yeah but.. Is that a good thing or a bad thing though??

'cause some people out there just don't like playing online MP, 'nuff said. =\

Raider692916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

‘We view Brink as having the opportunity to convert single-player gamers into online gamers" From is comment all i see is a game that is focus on MP and most likely will have the same FATE has SHADOW RUN , ALL POINTS BULLETIN AND OTHERS LIKE LOST PLANET 2,SECTION 8 (they are implementing a full SP campaign for the sequel!SMART MOVE!)!Dev's are neglecting solo SP campaigns and them they all get what they deserve BAD SALES!After release dont come complain that the game didn't sell!

NewsForMe2916d ago

The game is like Left 4 Dead. You can play the campaign in multiplayer, coop and single player.

Nihilism2916d ago

Not gonna happen champ(s) my internet blows and delinquent kids online piss me off. The game supports bots and full offline that's how I'm gonna play it.

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