Xbox 360 Owners Report Many Problems With Wireless Gaming Receiver

Xbox 360 owners have reported on discussion forums and review sites widespread problems with the wireless gaming receiver, an accessory that enables the use of the videogame's controller with PC games.

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ktchong4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

You bloody people don't even check the news to make sure it's not a duplicate before approving it. You're just way too anxious to approve it because it's a negative news for Xbox 360. This got approved so bloody fast by the same bunch of fanboys (Rowland, drtysouf21, MaximusPrime, xbox360jimmy07, bebo) that they did not even give anyone the time to look for the duplicate.

ArduousAndy4069d ago

from the 360 camp is that this has nothing to do with us. Its a pc device not a 360 device.

PS360PCROCKS4069d ago

duplicate but Microsoft come on can anything you make be reliable?

Systematrix4069d ago

MS did a great job with the other wireless accessories, they've worked flawlessly for me, I figured this would've worked just as well. Good thing I have a wired controller to as a backup. ;)

TheBeginningOfTheEnd4069d ago

im sorry if i dont hav EVERY story memorized on this site since i dont log on 24/7.

rusgreim4069d ago

Why is this even listed under the 360? Its not a 360 accessory, its for the PC. AND its a duplicate of a story from yesterday. But hey, if it might look bad for Microsoft, then hey POST IT AS NEWS!!!

Daewoodrow4069d ago

there is a VERY CLEAR duplicate story search engine in the submission process.
But I don't blame you. I blame the report system, which can take 50 reports and the story will still get approved.

Vip3r4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

How is it not a 360 accessory? It does have "Xbox 360" written on it after all. Duh!

benny o klaatt4069d ago

duh! its not a wireless network adaptor its a wireless gaming reciever! you plug it into your pc to use wireless pads. duh!

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Sayai jin4069d ago

I guess this is news. Fanboys may eat this one up.

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The story is too old to be commented.