GameCritics: Vanquish Review

Brad Gallaway says: "I admit it. I'm really not the biggest fan of Platinum Games or their former incarnation, Clover Studios. I didn't care for Infinite Space, got bored with Madworld, and Bayonetta was one out-of-control hot mess. But what about their latest title, Vanquish? While it's got the same eye-catching sense of style that is common to the studio's work, something deeper has been created here... something amazing.

For the first time in this developer's history (in my view, anyway) the gameplay is equal to, if not better than the visuals. With both form and function pushed to equally stellar standards, I'm quite pleased to say that what Shinji Mikami and Platinum have created is pure brilliance. While the third-person shooter core Vanquish is built on is certainly comparable to others in the same genre, a world of difference is effected by the number of smart decisions, clever tweaks and brilliant designs."

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