Bioshock goes straight to NO.1 in UK games chart.

Bioshock goes straight to NO.1 in UK games chart.

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MK_Red5636d ago

Great news. BioShock deserves to be number one. Hopefully we will see more good new IPs after this.

nasim5635d ago (Edited 5635d ago )

BIOSHOCK is selling only at amazon uk.

It isnt selling anywhere else in UK

where is bioshock?

It couldnt even sell 200k copies worldwide


IT sold just 10 000 copies in UK last week.
No need to get agitated.
Worldwide --the game couldnot sell 200k copies

On the other hand WARHAWK has already been downloaded 200 000 after its release last night.

In UK/EU and JAPAN x360 is a dead console

snoop_dizzle5635d ago


get over it bro.

you are one of the most desperate people i have ever seen on this site.

who knows though, maybe your right

links to prove your point?

If not, get over it.

BLaZiN PRopHeT5635d ago


wow are you serious it wont sell 200k world wide? i really think you say Sh*t just to see how many people you can get to reply to you or talk about you. the game will sell atleast 500k in the us alone.

pilotpistolpete5635d ago

Oh Nasim, Even after ignoring you, your idiocy still lives on through replies.

Ignorant Fanboy5635d ago

Ignored by 115 people.

Is that a record?

I didnt even know 115 people were registered on this site. It gets the hits though.

razer5635d ago

Don't be such a hater.

btw - the 360 is outselling the PS3 in the UK.

I will definately agree and say the Japan is PS3 land(well Wii land really) but the EU is a different beast all together and is not owned by Sony as much as you think.

I don't know where you are getting your sales information from but I suggest you find a new place.

FreeMonk5635d ago

you are a complete PLANK!!!

I got my copy of Bioshock - Collector's Edition FROM!

Here's is a list of places you can order Bioshock from:


This is just a small list. That's list doesn't include WH Smith, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Boots plus all the other online sites!

Nasim.....just shut your mouth, stop talking crap and go and play your PS3 that has no decent games available at the moment!

Thursday5635d ago

I agree, it does seem to be a really cool game. The demo really reminded me of Condemned, with a little higher production value. Will probably get this game for the Xbox 360.

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PureGamer5636d ago

Yep Bioshock is a strong contender for the game of the year. Best game out this year so far.

segasage5636d ago

PureGamer...i dont forget names but you must be working on your score or something...not bashing ms are we today.

yes bioshock = GOTY

tomfoolery5635d ago (Edited 5635d ago )

I recall that avatar.
Pure gamer .....A.K.A. ......Cumakazi.

TheMART5635d ago

Yup again a PS3 fandroid in disguise said to be a 'true gamer'.

I know I am a 360 fan and I don't coverup. Stay real fangirl. Trying to get bubbles like this, just sad.

Odion5636d ago

I am kinda surprised how popular Blue Dragon is in the UK, i wasn't expecting it in the top 10.

Caxtus7505636d ago

its bundled free with the Elite in Gamestation for one...and possibly the premium. Not sure if other chains are too. Alot of sales are through default

jcgamer5635d ago

talking all that yap last week, "Oh Bioflop, it's not selling"...where is that split personality / tag team duo / one man band at... *crickets*, Bioshock is a BIO-BLOCKBUSTER!

NikV35635d ago

i knew this game would be good, but i didnt expect it to have a hostile takeover in the game industry, good to see it getting the credit that it deserves, great game.

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