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ISM: About one month ago I built my 1st gaming PC. I had been hoping to build a PC for a long time and I finally got my chance. My PC runs great, but during the process I was paranoid and nervous primarily because I thought my $1000s in PC parts would be fried if I hadn't taken the right precautions.…

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Letros2917d ago

Solid rig, nice choice on mobo too as he can drop another GTX 460 in it when he feels he needs it in 2-3 years.

toaster2917d ago

Yep ASUS is my preferred mobo manufacturer. Their top notch quality boards and customer support makes me go back to them. HE could;ve gotten a better PSU though, OCZ isn't one of the greatest. I'd go with Corsair.

Overall good build. I'm a little worried that he didn't get a CPU cooler though.. stock coolers are absolute crap.

AndrewRyan2917d ago

OCZ really let's down in RAM and PSU's. I went with Ripjaws for my RAM 1333mhz dual channel and corsair for my PSU.

TeenGoten2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

hmm thanks for the tip guys, and I will be getting a new CPU cooler but the stock cooler does a decent job of keeping my CPU in the 32-38 degree range on idle.

Edit: if I were to drop another GTX460 in here, how much more significant would the performance be?

Pandamobile2917d ago

Throwing another 460 would almost double your gaming performance in some cases.

The 460's on average scale to about 80%. So if you get 100 FPS in a game, you'll get 180 with two 460s.

TeenGoten2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

that's awesome panda, I'll go that direction, especially since Crysis 2 is right around the corner. Awesome!!!

I've seen that I've gotten 136 FPS on Dirt 2 with about Max video settings and AA pretty low on my old 4:3 monitor at 1280 x 1024 res.

I'm going to test out some more games in 1080P on my LCD tomorrow.

Nihilism2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

"Yep ASUS is my preferred mobo manufacturer."

Gigabyte > Asus :p


There is nothing more satisfying than gaming on a PC you built yourself, you know exactly what brand parts are in it and all the individual components have their own warranties. If you buy a PC at a store, you don't get the replacement warranties on any of the items, just a B.S 12mnth-2 year warranty.

@Fishy Fingers

Seconded. Considering that all PC parts are simply binned down, with the cheapest parts often having the potential to overclock as high as the fastest parts on stock voltage, you'd be ripping yourself off not to.

My current PC is my first PC build, it's also my first time at overclocking, C2Q from 2.66ghz to 3.6ghz, ram from 800 ( the crappiest ram money can is literally brandless ) to 950mhz, GPU from 700/1400/925 to 850/1700/1000. All of them overclocked with voltage specifications of the manufacturer.

It also only takes 1hr to build a PC even with no experience whatsoever...instruction manuals and stuff and that...

Consider the delay a blessing, the game will have less bugs and have much better implemented DX11 feature on day 1, I'd rather that that a rushed bug filled gimped game this year. I think the reason they delayed it is for the DX11 stuff, but who knows.

toaster2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Gigabyte is good too.


If you want your games to look better bump the AA. The 460 and pretty much all nvidia cards handle AA much better than ATI can, and nvidia stomps all over ATI in Tessellation. SLI drivers are far ahead of ATI Crissfire-X so you'd get a pretty big increase in performance, just make sure your case has plenty of airflow. Add a few Yate Loons, Noctuas, or Thermaltake fans in there and you'd be set.

Personally I don't like the look of CM's Storm series, the 690 II Advanced matches the HAF series in airflow and it's under $99.

Hopefully you can get that CPU cooler soon, you'll get better OC results and longer life for your CPU. I suggest the Cooler Master Hyper 212+, one of the best budget coolers with performance in the upper midrange to high end. If you aren't on a budget then go all out and get Noctuas or Megahalems. i7's are notorious for hitting 4.0 on air easily, you just need a good cooler.

OpenGL2917d ago

The GTX 460 is a great value, but it's unfortunate that Nvidia still does not have an angle-independent anisotropic filtering algorithm. Also the Radeon 6870 seems to beat the GTX 460 in pretty much everything aside from maybe Unigen's Heaven Benchmark, so prices should drop all around.

EvilBlackCat2917d ago

ASUS and Gigabyte are the shit

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saint_john_paul_ii2917d ago

im about to get another Asus GTX 470 by the end of this year to SLI it with my other 470. im a bit dissapointed though about a few games like crysis 2 being pushed to next year though..

joydestroy2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

yeah not bad but i've got him beat by a bit. 2 MSI GTX 460 1gb, i7-950, Asus Rampage Formula Mobo, 6gb DDR3 corsair dominator ram and a ENERMAX 920W silver certified psu =)

and that's MY first time building a PC. my dream rig.
i play just about everything at max with retarded high fps

@toaster my cpu runs at about 35C off load about about 65C under load. that's pretty good for a stock cooler if you ask me. my gcards stay ridiculously cool even under load. that's partially due to having a fan blowing right on them. i need to OC them badly

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I hope I can run the game with a 5770, at least in a good resolution without problems.

Upgrading to Phenom X4 also.

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Fishy Fingers2917d ago

Now overclock the crap out of it :)

Incipio2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Whilst I have a gaming PC myself and am always glad to see people upgrading, this is not a news story. We shouldn't be reading about one guy who's excited about his shiny new computer and chooses to wrap it in some vague pro-pc gaming sentiments and passing it off as a news story on N4G.

This belongs on your personal blog, TeenGoten.

Your position at ISM is irrelevant. If this was an editorial about the merits of PC gaming, then I would understand.

But as it stands, this is a personally-relevant post about your computer you're building with a couple sentences about PC Gaming and it doesn't have enough editorial substance to belong here. It's really easy to abuse the N4G submission system "accidentally" or under the "article" rule, and people do care when that happens. Well, I do at least.

TeenGoten2917d ago

I respect your opinion but as Managing Editor of I have the right to post my content on referral sites such as N4G whenever I choose. Notice that this article hasn't been posted as "News" but rather an Article.

yamzilla2917d ago

sli is a waste in most cases, coming from a dual 285 gtx owner, you better off buying the best single gpu you can afford, there are not many games designed for sli or crossfire configs, most rarely utilize it.

There are very few games, percentage wise, that support sli fully.

a 470 would have been a better choice with a cheaper cpu, cpu gains are SHOCKINGLY small, same wiith ram, the single most important component is the gpu, skrimp on the rest if you must, never the gpu, honestly the 460 is about the same as the 260, slightly better, a 480 would have been really sweet with slightly cheaper cpu and ram

hey, to each their own/

toaster2917d ago

I disagree. The most important part of a computer is the PSU. Way underrated and overlooked component of a PC. If your components aren't getting good clean power than your chances of a component frying are higher. I got a no name generic ol PSU and my computer wouldn't even start. then I got my Corsair and put it in and it worked fine. I could skimp on most any other components but not on PSUs. That's why I only use the best, Corsair. Their PSUs are unmatched in quality and efficiency.

And times have changed since last GPU generation, there are SLI profiles for practically every game now, nvidia has really been on the ball with supporting multi-GPU drivers.

Dasteru2917d ago

I would say the PSU & CPU are about equally important, alot of people get really powerful GPU's and skimp on the CPU and end up bottlenecking without even realizing it. one of my friends a few years back had an 8800gtx at the same time i was using a 9400gt and i was actually getting a higher GPU score on 3dmark because he had a very weak CPU, he never even realized his graphics performance wasnt optimal until we ran the bench. As for PSU's i picked up an XFX Black edition 850w a few months back for my new build and its a great PSU. Very thick sturdy metal casing and single rail design, little bit expensive but well worth it.

karlowma2917d ago

Vive la PC and welcome to the community!

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