Xbox 360 4GB Console for $150? Kmart says, ’Yes’

Kmart has the Xbox 360 4GB console for $199.99 thru Oct. 30th, while supplies last. With your purchase you get 50,000 Xtra points!?!? HAHA, it sounds like a lot of points. Really, it amounts to $50 that can be used toward a future purchase, making the Xbox 360 only $150 in total!

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NecrumSlavery2920d ago

No it's not $50. Its $200 but you get another $50 to purchase. If I can get that $50 off at purchase then it's a deal.

FordGTGuy2920d ago

and get a $50 gift card of sorts. So technically they are almost giving you a rebate that can only be spent at their store.

BrianG2920d ago

@ Necrum

I don't think people are understanding you. You are saying it would be nice to bring $150 plus tax and buy the console.

Not pay $200 plus tax and get the $50 dollars back later, or for another purchase.

A Cupcake for Gabe2920d ago

Yes. Not that it's a bad deal, but people say it's only $150. It isn't, it's 200 but you get $50 after you spend the $200. Like I said good deal but it's nor like you only have to pay $150.

Personally I'd put it towards a HDD. 4gbs is not enough for anything

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blumatt2920d ago

MS took the anti-consumer route by not allowing for third party hard drives.

IneedWeed2920d ago

This would be a good deal if I didn't need a HDD.

0oAngeluso02920d ago

At Dealextreme for like $50, it takes a couple of weeks to get in the mail, but it's fantastic. I got a deal like this on a 4 gig Arcade, then got the 250 gig HDD, so I pretty much saved a ton of cash on it.

FragMnTagM2920d ago

$57.20 for a new 250gb hard drive that's not bad at all.

sickbird2920d ago

is it me or is a 4gig system kind of useless? you get 5 games and you'd probly already be out of space.

0oAngeluso02920d ago

For $199 you can jump right in, grab your free first month of live and your good to go. Then later, buy a HDD. It's a lot like a credit card, buy now and get the extra's later. Cant beat the 250 gig HDD at DealExtreme.

MorganX2920d ago

Xbox 360 games don't require installs and arcade games are small. There are some large ones. Lara Croft is 2G, Shadow Complex 800k. Most are less than 300k.

Plus you can plug in up to 2, 16G USB drives for 36G total for $50.

Sample (optional) install sizes:

Castlevania: Lord of Shadow - 12.7G for both discs (6.1 + 6.6)

Again, optional. But I installed both. Runs faster than DVD or HD. With Netflix and media streaming HD is not an issue. Fro the few that somehow find a need for 100s of gigs, chances are the extra cost of the 250G model is not a concern.

blumatt2920d ago

It's a business move by Microsoft to have the shitty model (aka the 4 gb model). They know people will need more space very quickly and have to use THEIR proprietary hard drives, which are WAY overpriced. For the price you pay for a 120 gb hard drive from MS you can get get like a 500 gb 2.5 SATA laptop hard drive. It's ridiculous. MS SHOULD have took the opportunity with the new slim model to make it open to laptop drives where people wouldn't be raped when upgrading their hard drive for their 360.

pixelsword2920d ago

Yeah, I think it's useless; I got a 500 gigabyte drive for my PS3 for around $100 or less if I'm not mkstaken.

sickbird2920d ago

yea i just put a 500 gig in mine too, amazon $45.

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