Game Vortex: PS3 Move Champion Pack Review

Game Vortex: "The PS3 Move Champion Pack's functionality isn't readily apparent. The set, which is meant for use exclusively with Sports Champions (the Move's pack-in game), looks like a bunch if plastic "toys" with no real purpose other than add a little extra garnish to the Move controllers. To some extent, the assumption would be correct. At the same time, once the "rubber hits the road," it's functionality becomes a little clearer."

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blumatt2968d ago

...would help when playing the table tennis as sometimes I lose sense of orientation of the paddle when trying to swing it. This way, it would be easier to tell how the paddle is positioned in my hand. Still, I doubt I'll be getting it.
By the way, for anyone who hasn't tried the Move yet, give it a chance. It is NOT the same as the Wii. You will understand this once you play with it. Every single subtlety of your motion is recognized and immediately displayed onscreen. In addition, playing games like Tumble will completely wake you up to Move's possibilities in the near future.

Neckbear2968d ago

To be honest, it felt little more than a better Wii, but still a gimmicky tacked-on motion controller.

Besides, at the steep price of 100$, I just don't see it worth it. At all.

blumatt2968d ago

Well, there are better games to play with it like Killzone 3, Socom 4, and LBP2. Plus, Sorcery looks nice; but if you truly dislike it, I can't make you change your mind.

Neckbear2968d ago

The concept seems cool, and it could turn out to be great. Then again, a game alone isn't worth buying motion controllers for.

It's not that I DISLIKE it, I just don't see how it's worth it.

Jazz41082968d ago

None of those games you mentioned are even released.

maxcer2968d ago

i don't who will look more foolish. people waving these things around, or people playing kenect.

happyface2968d ago

Wii controls were cool like 4 years ago, sony is late on this bandwagon

blumatt2968d ago

It's really not the same thing, man. Try it. You will notice the difference. EVERYTHING you do is mimicked onscreen.

Bigpappy2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I am glad my kids don't do this anymore for the Wii. But these things look pointy. Its all fun and game until someone looses an eye!

That racket should be transparent. When you do a back-hand, the camera would loose track of the Move,no? Hard to tell but it might be on the top.

Bathyj2968d ago

We have these boxes with doors on them at my place, they're called cupboards.

Is that the best you can do? Storage concerns and ocular injury? You usually have a little more substance to your trolling.

Are you hungover from the weekend?

Bathyj2968d ago

Thanks, thats what I was going for.

Cevapi882968d ago

lol...he trolls the Move, adamantly defends Kinect as though he is its creator whenever a kinect article comes out

Bathyj2968d ago

Got a Move on the weekend. Mainly for the games to come and because I got one cheap on eBay.

I have to say I was expecting decent but what I got was great.

The Move is incredibly accurate. People calling this a Wiiclone are just showing how little they know about it. Saying this is just like Wii is like saying PS2 was just like PSOne. Theres a big step up here, its immediately noticeable.

I spent most of the weekend, in between bouts of Vanquish playing Tumble. Such a simple premise, made awesome by such great controls and beautiful, clean graphics. I love physics based games, currently playing Cut the Rope after enjoying Angry Birds. Tumble is right up there went played with a mate.

After playing that and sampling a few other demos I really cant wait to see what comes next, especially from LBP2. That game is going to take Move and motion gaming to another level.

blackburn52968d ago

Bathyj not sure why you got so many disagrees. Many people I know enjoy the Move just as much as you and can't wait to see what comes next. We are stoked for The Fight, Undersiege and Endochrome 2 as well as LBP2 and Sorcery. Ignore the Wiiclone garbage that people go on about. We Move owners can see that Move is an improvement and should ignore the haters and naysayers. These are the same people who said that Move couldn't hit 500k by the end of the year.

Bigpappy2968d ago

I never said Move wouldn't sell 500K in 3 months. Never even seen that before. But I have to admit it did make me laugh out load. Who ever said that is crazy. LOL!

Bathyj2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Thanks Blackburn.

Yeah, it really does bring a smile to your face, I honestly wasnt expecting to like it so much.

I love the glowing ball too. Playing tumble I was red and my friend was blue. It was great it lit up so there was no problem knowing who was up. Play it in a dark room and tell me you wouldnt want to be swinging a lightsaber around 1:1 with the ball lighting up your whole room.

Also, all talk of calibration problems are BS, at least with Tumble. Yes sometimes you move the camera or pass the controller and the thing is out of whack, even right off the screen, but one press of the O button and it recalibrate in a nanosecond, putting it stright in the center so I dont see the problem as long as the software caters for the issue.

And for the record, I HAVE NOT been one of these guys cheerleading the Move and bagging Kinect undeservedly. Kinect I'm highly skeptical because M$ wont show us anything that isnt basically a tech demo. I want to see some real games, games that I would play even if they werent motion games. If this thing were the real deal they would be a Halo patch in the works right now.

With Move I've been more positive only because I can see the value with real games like Killzone and LBP, but it wasnt till I got it in my hands that I can definately say its a winner, at least from a gamers point of view. I'm fairly convinced that this thing can do shooters, RTS's, RPG's, action games, puzzle, pretty much anything.

Hey, that PS3 slogan makes more sense everyday.

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