Vanquish PS3 vs 360 gameplay performance

Analysis of gameplay segments from both SKUs.

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SilverSlug4235d ago

Not speaking about 'time completion' drama.

But Platinum Games showed they could handle the PS3 and created a great looking multiplatform game, stuff that 'huge' studios can't even do (Rockstar, 100 million dollars spent per game and can't make a good port).

This is the first game developed by Platinum Games on PS3. I'm looking for feature titles. SEGA did Bayonetta PS3 port btw.

rroded4235d ago

game looks tight lookin forward ta playin it XD

TVippy4235d ago

You are forgetting PS3 framerate issues.

DigitalAnalog4235d ago

And I'd rather have that then nasty screen tears.

-End statement

Bathyj4234d ago

I've had no issues at all. Cant you just be happy that someone else is happy.

Does it bother you that much he's enjoying the PS3 version?

RageAgainstTheMShine4234d ago

Oh no! Not euro freaking gamer again! Stay away from this site lads.

The Creep4234d ago

wow the 360 version is tearing up sotin rotten lol

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killcycle4235d ago

They look almost identical good job.

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Lou Ferrigno4235d ago

you PC fangurls are REDIC!.. you gals need to relize that consoles are the new generation,and no matter how hard you bash them they are here to stay for a LOOOOONG time.


Rainstorm814235d ago

i say it everytime and you PC fanngirls, back up my claims.

PC fanboys have THE worst superiority complex EVER.

If it aint PC then its only worth bashing huh guys.... worst bunch of gamers ever.

ct034235d ago

You really think the PS360 is going to stay for a loooooong time? I have a feeling that when I'm on Windows 9 nobody will even speak of the PS360 anymore.

@Raiinstorm81: It's not a complex. I just try to convert as many of you as I can. Make you see the light of day.

Ju4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

When you are on windows 9, you will have re-bought your PC 5 times - at min.

Lou Ferrigno4235d ago

what you mean converted? we all have PC's.. and most likely way before you ever did.
... trust me consoles will be around for a while sry to break it to ya.. but with the ressesion goin on everything is just going to get that much harder and peeps are gunna be looking for the cheap.
thats where consoles come in,BEST bang for your buck.

hay4234d ago

@ct03: He said "consoles" dude...

StoneyYoshi4234d ago

youll be on windows 9 and it still wont run as efficient as mac osx. :P

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MGRogue20174235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

Both versions perform very well.. so congrats to the developers. I'm sure that they've done their best.

Trying to notice any tiny differences between the two is just nit-picking to be honest lol

OpenGL4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

Is sub-30fps average what you call performing well?

It's nice to see both versions are really about equal, but I'd also like to see them both maintain 30fps. The beginning is pretty bad, but the performance does improve later on I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.