Windows Tablet UI - Win7 or Windows Phone 7?

We have been keeping a close eye to see what Microsoft will be bringing to the tablet market. The release of Windows Phone 7, the new UI and smooth scrolling touch might be a sign of things to come.

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FordGTGuy2969d ago

On the hardware and screen size of the tablet, a smaller tablet with less powerful hardware would be better with WP7 but a larger one that is more powerful would be better with Windows 7.

CombineElite2969d ago

Asus EP 121 is the one to get. it's a world beater and iPad killer.

Bigpappy2969d ago

Verizon is too restrictive though.

EnzoAmata2968d ago

I'm thinking that with Steve Baller saying Win 8 is their biggest risk in the video, that Win 8 might be have a blend of WP7 in it and aim it more for a tablet market.