New Clive Barker's Jericho Screenshots Surface

Clive Barker's Jericho is due to hit the store shelves in a matter of weeks, and has picked up a batch of exclusive screenshots to help shed a little more light on Jericho Team's upcoming task.

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TnS4987d ago (Edited 4987d ago )

Tiny images. :(
Edit: KMxRetro, thanks for fixing. :)

TeaDouble_E4987d ago (Edited 4987d ago )

A while back I saw some gameplay footage and when I was watching it I had a really big smile on my face : ) Lets hope they dont push this till next year.

KMxRetro4987d ago

The images are huge - they've been fixed :)

MK_Red4986d ago

Superb post. The game looks sickeningly awesome.

THE_JUDGE4986d ago

over til Silent Hill 5 and Origins hits. Looks good, hope it plays it too.

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