Stranglehold PS3 and 360 Release Dates Confirmed

Midway have finally revealed Stranglehold's release date for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game. The Xbox 360 version will release September 5th and the PlayStation 3 version will hit stores September 17th. Midway has yet to provide the release date for the PC version.

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MK_Red4159d ago

Wel,, hopefully they don't delay it after that. The game was once to be released in Winter 2006!

Like a shadow I am4159d ago

I have a feeling that this one is not going to be a big hit unless it gets a tsunami of great reviews.

SuperSaiyan44159d ago

Its an arcadey kind of shooter and pulls it off well from the demo I played on the 360. Also there is a collectors edition on the 360 so I might get that one.

mighty_douche4159d ago

max payne with better visuals (only just). wont be picking this up unless its to beat the crap out of the little boy with the last copy of halo!

egyptian_diarrhea4159d ago

i liked it very nice, very brainless shooting, basically shooting everything and it's really fast paced, i found it more amusing than the bioshock demo :p. hitting people in the mouth is teh shizneet!

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