1up gives Warhawk a 8.5

On paper, Warhawk may not seem all that special. The game includes only five maps, after all. Only four game types. It may sound fairly limited, actually. And if you were paying 60 bucks at retail for the game itself (rather than the game plus a Bluetooth headset), you might justifiably feel like you were missing something. But for the -- admittedly pricey -- $40 you'll pay to download the game, you're getting a better deal than you might think.

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Bigmac5734986d ago (Edited 4986d ago )

Get ready to take flight, I'll see you all in the skies.

Violater4986d ago

PSN: Violater

Lets start up the N4G clan.

Siesser4986d ago (Edited 4986d ago )

I agree; there's a thread over in the Forum section if people want to use it as a jumping point to start organizing.

larry0074986d ago

considering that it is coming from 1up -----the worst website full of nasty BOTS

anyway we dont care about the reviews of GAYGM, 1up,EUROGAMER and GAMESPOT

their words are like toliet papers .

with no value and ready to be flushed

WaggleLOL4986d ago (Edited 4986d ago )

No one gives a crap about what the Xbots over 1Up have to say.

Hurray up and go out of business you losers.

32 players per game
Dedicated servers
Free to play forever
40 dollar download from PSN
60 dollar BluRay with very good headset in stores this week
Both air and ground combat

Everyone in the beta absolutely loved the game. Easily online console game of the year.

EGM/1Up are clearly feeling the heat from their pathetic fanboy trashing of PS3 games.

EGM/1Up Credibility == ZERO

Gamespot-equals-EGM4986d ago (Edited 4986d ago )

Wow, I didn't expect a score like this from 1up. Weren't the guys at 1up the ones who said they would deduct a point from the review if the downloadable version was over 30 bucks?

Gosh, with this 1up review and the EGM review (of HS and Warhawk, both favorable), I may have to re-think my position on 1up, EGM and anti-ps3 bias.

Thanks 1up for keeping an open mind about Warhawk and allowing it to impress you (either negatively or positively). Good job.

fenderputty4986d ago

I can't wait to play. I'm down to start an N4G clan.

PSN: PrancerManly

stunt2134986d ago

Guys i got my copy of warhawk from Bestbuy to preorder online for 40$ canadian here is the site

BaMYouRDeaD4986d ago

I can't wait for Warhawk, ever since the beta, I've been eagerly awaiting its release.

P.S. Someone disagreed with you for saying "Yeah Baby!
Get ready to take flight, I'll see you all in the skies."

Crazy kids.

Mishmash194986d ago

violater, get at me for the n4g clan. psn ID: Achilles19

The Brave 14986d ago

getting it in a few minuts at 12:01am. my psn id is bronxterror.add me then ill add u guys.

InMyOpinion4986d ago

Yeah, the only sites who are'nt biased are the ones who give PS3 games high scores.

Skynetone4986d ago

is that all you get on your blu-ray disc

mike_mgoblue4986d ago

6.5 out of 10 is the rating Warhawk received from PSM magazine.

Warhawk is a game that REQUIRES at least two people to play...and that is NOT a good thing!!!

Warhawk is a game that has TERRIBLE balance! PSM is correct when they point out it is NOT a good thing that a Machine Gun can kill a Warhawk in only a few seconds, and a man on the ground holding a Rocket Launcher can kill the Warhawk in just ONE SHOT!!! That is NOT good game balance!!!

Warhawk deserves the rating of 6.5 out of 10 it got from PSM.

big_tim4986d ago

haven't played it. It is one of the best multiplayer games out there. It is simple to just jump in and play. As for you argument that you have to have two people to play it is bad. HELLO, it is a muliplayer ONLY game. That is not a surprise.

You say it has terrible balance, that is proof you haven't played it. I was surprised how balanced it actually is.

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junk564986d ago

awesome. something new and fresh ps3 needs. i dont know one person that isnt getting this game, it'll be a huge plus for sony

Naruto4986d ago


snoop_dizzle4986d ago (Edited 4986d ago )

should i?
_____________________________ _________________________
Btw can i use on of my cell phones bluetooth headsets?

i tried it and it didn't seem to work. i could've been doing it wrong

Mario184986d ago

any bluetooth headset works, maybe you set something up wrong...

macalatus4986d ago (Edited 4986d ago )


Whatever you do, STAY AWAY from Motorola headsets, as many people, including me, are complaining that it can crash your PS3. Jabra and Plantronics are two recommended brands.


Sorry, then the problem lies in the sub-$50 headsets. But a lot of people, including me, were so traumatized and pissed off (I hope you understand) that we decided to avoid Motorola altogether. And please don't take this as some kind of arguing with you, as I sincerely do believe in your case. And I hope to see you "fraggin' happy" online tomorrow, with mic a workin'. ;)

EZCheez4986d ago

I have a Motorola HS850 and it has never crashed my PS3.

Kleptic4986d ago

Snoop...I for some reason had to match my headset to my PS3 twice...the first time the PS3 would recognize it as a mic, but wouldn't activate it for a game or anything...just did the registering process again (read on a forum that sometimes it doesn't work right), and it worked perfectly fine...and has ever since...

I will be picking this up on BD tomorrow if it isn't sold out at the normal stores...if it is, I will buy it online...there is no way I am waiting any longer for this pile of near perfection...

PSN: Kleptic...will see some of you tomorrow night most likely...

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GodofPeace4986d ago

be a lot of flaming in this thread becasue a good PS3 game came out. Oo boy will this article get like 200+ comments. Anyways see you all at the skies and get owned by me bitcches!!!

macalatus4986d ago (Edited 4986d ago )

True, with the Mart writting his attack draft. And with all the great reviews, in addition to the countless positives reported coming from beta testers, the PSM just became a laughing stock to the gaming community.