Ripten Xbox 360 Review: Two Worlds - 7.0 reviews Two Worlds for the Microsoft Xbox 360 console. "Which of the Two Worlds has a decent framerate?"

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4161d ago

Fanboys rejoice... XBOX 360 game not AAA

ALI-G4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

they saying we are shony: we lie, we cheat , sell exploding battries , faulty drive in ps2 , we do not replace defective PS3 till CCP get involved .we bribbed fox , disney and manyothers to support BR.. we promice and do not deliver:
every game @1080p @60fps
worldwide relase for ps3
ps3 will run some games @120fps
2HDMI to connect to 2 screen 32:9
Support for 7 blutooth controllers

they only thing they deliver is THE GAINT ENEMY CRAB

anyway 7.0 is not bad for this game, it got higher score than GODDES OF WAR / LAIR and i can pick it and play it befor HS/LAIR even ships to stores OPS

JsonHenry4161d ago

This game SUCKS. Plain and simple. Doesn't matter what platform you are playing it on.

Go out and buy Gothic 3.

reaperxciv4161d ago

it wasn't hyped up to be a AAA game anyhow, no great loss

snoop_dizzle4161d ago

i haven't heard much about it.

Nostradavis4161d ago

Wow I am getting old because I have no idea what "AAA" means....

snoop_dizzle4161d ago

is basically a big game thats really good with high reviews.

Nostradavis4161d ago

Thanks for the clarification Snoop.

Robotz Rule4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

Xbox fanboys mentioning it on their Xbox 360's killer AAA titles list.


Don't play dumb dude,even I thought Lair,Warhawk,and Heavenly Sword were gonna be killer AAA titles but I admitted to being wrong,I remember some of you Xbox boys yappin about Xbox 360's killer AAA titles and Two Worlds never failed to be mentioned.

iceice1234161d ago

You're an idiot though. I can't imagine many people thought this was going to be AAA. It didn't even have any hype at all. But what ever you need to say to comfort yourself...

ShiftyLookingCow4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

yes I certainly remember some 360 fanboys listing Two Worlds in their "AAA" lists, I didn't think it was AAA after reading some of the European reviews(it was released there earlier)

Loudninja4161d ago

I really like games like this, nad the review is not bad

Lex Luthor4161d ago

Since when was Two Worlds AAA?

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