Top 10 RPGs to Cuddle Up to This Winter

The cold air is making its way back into the lives of many gamers but don't fret there's a simple solution to avoid it. RPGs are known for their detailed stories, vast environments and of course the amount of time it takes to complete one. Why not take advantage of these characteristics and avoid the cold by checking out these awesome RPGs.

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tacosRcool2972d ago

I really want to buy Folklore. A great under the radar game

N4GAddict2972d ago

Folklore is awesome. Majin is from the same developer

LiViNgLeGaCY2972d ago

Folklore IS awesome. I loved every second of that game. I still have my fingers crossed for a sequel someday.

Vicodin2972d ago

Folklore was incredible.

It definitely needs to be played late at night when it is very quiet and calm to really enjoy it best.

frostypants2972d ago

No Demon's Souls?


cochise3132972d ago

that game separates the men from the boys.

thesithfreak2972d ago

yeah i recently picked it back up. so amazing, so addicting.

The_Nameless_One2972d ago

Hey guys, take it easy on this writer. Obviously Demon's Souls is not his taste. I mean why would you like a vidoe game to actually challenge you in any way shape or form. What a pu$$y.

cochise3132972d ago

gamers keep complaining about games being "westernized", yet they won't acknowledge a game like demon's souls.

Synex2972d ago

Actually I beat Demon's Souls but figured it wasn't going to be for everyone. It's a lot more challenging than a normal RPG and I loved it because of that. I remember trying to get past the very first stage for about 6 hours; thankfully I finally got past it. I loved Demon's Souls and I'm probably going to pick it up again sometime in the near future.

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thesithfreak2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

too much bethesda on that list. I don't know what it is. i use to LOVE oblivion, and i loved morrowind. i recently bought oblivion again and its just boring to play and i bought fallout 3 day one and it is also boring. something about their game design is getting boring now

seriously, its slow and monotonous. but the atmosphere is still amazing, for elder scrolls anyways, can't say the same for brown world

PS360fanboy2972d ago

The world tends to disagree with you...Bethesda's RPGs are really good. Addictive and Immersive.

thesithfreak2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

it doesn't seem like it but i use to be an elder scrolls addict, i logged in over a hundred hours on morrowind, oblivion, and even many hours in shivering isles. i even played through most of Fallout. i'm just saying that either it's cuz i have overdone it on bethesda game design, or it just grew boring, idk, but something happened. i can't play them anymore. i just hope elder scrolls 5 sparks new magic

also, 2 people isnt the world, even though i'm sure the disagrees will be stacking

WLPowell2972d ago

add Demon's Souls and 3D Dot Heroes, that is if you play GOOD RPGs.

thesithfreak2972d ago

i don't consider 3d dot game heroes an RPG, but its a great game. fable is a sad excuse for an rpg. i loved the first, enjoyed the 2nd but it was so shallow.

Bigpappy2972d ago

How do you know it should not be on the list?

Homicide2972d ago

Because it's not on PS3.

256bit2972d ago

this game should be added to the list its a freaking aweseom RPG game.

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The story is too old to be commented.