PC Gaming: Why I'll Never Console Myself with Second Best

Jeremy Hellstrom explains why PC gaming is not dead and why the consoles have not won the battle:

"Less PC games is certainly not a benefit to the PC gamer, nor is it likely to improve console gaming to any great extent, except to speed up the release dates for sequels and provide more retail shelf space. Console gamers don't demand groundbreaking new experiences in gaming as vocally as PC gamers, unless you are talking about certain, very specific new features. The console experience benefits more from being able to pick up a game and master the basics in a very short amount of time, allowing the player to get to the meat of the game, usually the fancy graphics and powerful bosses. There are certainly exceptions, mostly published by SquareSoft or EA Sports, that can require more from the casual gamer than your average console game, with either a lot that needs to be learned before you are proficient at the game, or with a huge memorable story line."

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MK_Red4095d ago

Well, I say a true gamer should NOT say 2 things:
1.PC gaming is dead.
2.PC is the never. No to consoles.

Both PC and consoles have their games and features. I'll always play Fallout, StarCraft and UT on PC and will play Final Fantasy, MGS, Mortal Kombat and Burnout on consoles.
PC is the best place for Strategy and old school RPGs along with FPS games but fighting, beat-em up, hack n slash and racing games belong to consoles.
PC, 360, PS3 and Wii all have great games and all gamers should play all of those great games.

Skynetone4095d ago

i just paid 1200 euro on a new pc and it still cant play the lastest games

ok maybe if i upgrade with another 800 euro, but even then ill have a small monitor with crap sound

with a ps3 i can play on my regular tv with my dolby surround system

ShiftyLookingCow4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

Every time a new generation of consoles come, many have said this and every time they have been proven wrong. PC will always have upper hand in technology and controls. Dont say its expensive, as though it wasn't before besides not everyone needs top of the line to have a good gaming experience.

Excalibur4095d ago

PC gaming a while back.
I figured as much money I kept sinking into my PC every time a new game came out (or it seemed like) I'd just get a 360.
I'm very happy with that decision.
Plus the fact the PC game section just seems to shrink or not get anything new when I look.

I agree though folks that say PC gaming is dead are wrong, It's just not for me anymore.

Ignorant Fanboy4095d ago

I get alot more out of my money owning a 360 and a PS3.

Once every 5 years, when I get a new PC, I get a few games, but months later Im out of date again.

RadientFlux4095d ago

The only reason I stopped PC Gaming is that I usually spend over 8 hours on the computer working so the last thing I want to do is more time on the computer after work.

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