Manhunt 2: Conspiracy Theories Emerge

Gamers greeted Friday's surprise announcement that Manhunt 2 would receive an M rating with a mixture of glee and raised eyebrows. Fans of the series, of course, were relieved that Manhunt 2 would see the light of day, and sooner rather than later.

Did the AO controversy add buzz to Manhunt 2? No doubt. Will it spur demand for the game when it releases on Halloween? Can't hurt. Could T2/Rockstar have manipulated the process? While some observers saw the ESRB dishing out a bit of Hot Coffee payback to Take Two with the Manhunt 2 AO, could Zelnick and company actually have been playing the ESRB like a fiddle?

Or, is it all on the up-and-up?

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TheExodus4073d ago

Theory 5: The rumored content that scored Manhunt 2 an AO rating was never in the version presented to the ESRB.