PS3 most wanted next-gen console in the UK

According to a poll by gadget magazine T3, the PS3 is officially the most wanted next-generation console. This is pretty surprising, since Sony's next Playstation console is still a whole 6 months away from launch. It just shows that the price of the PS3 is not putting off potential buyers.

TheXgamerLive6213d ago

Dont....Dont believe the hype !!!!!! Dont believe the hype yeahhhhh!!!!!!!!
Anyone can build up something by talking big about it like it's gonna take over the world. But the truth is, there still is "NO" ps3 and may not be in november.
King of gaming and live anywhere is and will be the XBOX 360. Dont ya just love it when a plan goes right? Gears of war anyone??!!!!!!! Oh Yeah !

HaHa6213d ago

it's the ps3 for christ's sake :)

justin6212d ago (Edited 6212d ago )

The price for it there is going to be huge.

Shadow Flare6212d ago

PS3 = £425 (converted into dollars = $800)

"PS3 most wanted next-gen console in the UK"

Says something doesn't it?

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