Gamespot Reviews Brain Age 2

Brain Age 2 provides more of the same noggin-teasing puzzles in the same format and presentation as the original game.

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JUSTaGAME4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

I don't own a DS, but I got a few minutes of play time with the original brain age and these games are highly addictive and somewhat satisfying.
It's a great way to kill some time while your careening down the highway at 80mph on your way from home while you balance your Venti chai tea on your knee and talk about Next Top model on your sidekick

ItsDubC4162d ago

I still play the first Brain Age and some of the activities are very difficult. I think part of this game series' staying power is that you are rewarded for playing on a regular basis. If you do 3 activities in a day, you get a bigger stamp on the calendar. After you play for so many days, you get to make your own stamp using the stylus. After more days of playing, you unlock an additional activity, and so on. I don't think I'm close to "finishing" the first Brain Age so I will probably not get Brain Age 2, but yes, these games are highly-addictive.

Cat4162d ago

Brain Age was fun at first, but now i really only use it for sudoku and if i'm on a boring trip. it's definitely better than reading the airline catalogue, so if the price is right i'll pick up round 2. it's too bad the list of negatives includes the writing and voice recognition -- apparently I say "blue" funny b/c it NEVER understood me. drove me crazy.