PS Blog - Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: Interview, New Single-Player Settings

PS Blog - One of the blessings (and curses) of working in this industry is getting to play unfinished games well before their release date. The blessing part is obvious; we didn’t hesitate to knock off work early to go play Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood on PS3 at an Ubisoft preview event. Heck, that *is* work. The curse part sneaks up on you later; after sampling the first 3 hours of the game, I’ve been dying to play some more – something we can’t do until the game hits store shelves on November 16th.

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Dellis4721d ago

Why Ubi loves PS3 so much?

Quagmire4720d ago

Why does Activision love 360 so much?


Decommissioning of online services for several AC games (October 2022)

"Hello everyone, we have more details to share concerning the upcoming decommissioning of online services affecting several AC titles, including additional information regarding the DLC for these titles."

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CrimsonWing69386d ago

When will you decommission this new one? I’m only asking so I can be happier by not buying it at full price.

bunt-custardly386d ago

The dog Chorizo from FAR CRY 6 has wheelchair legs, so is hardly a decommissioned pet. In fact very useful for digging up dirt.


Ubisoft Is Shutting Down Servers For Older Titles And Blocking Access To DLC Content You Paid For

Immersed Gamer writes: "Ubisoft came out with the announcement that some of their classic titles are shutting down their servers. While this is not entirely surprising, the next bit is quite shocking. As Ubisoft states in regard to many of said classic games, “additionally, the installation and access to DLC will be unavailable”.

The wording is a little vague, so the actual paid DLC could be safe. But it doesn’t change the fact that multiplayer modes of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Rayman Legends, and Driver San Francisco will surely be missed. Especially since no alternative exists in many of those cases. This happens to unveil right next to our story where I essentially beg Atlus to port SMT to modern consoles alongside Persona.

Seems like videogame preservation is on the down-low…"

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MadLad448d ago

This just in.
Ubisoft woke up and pulled an Ubisoft.

Mazgamer448d ago

Reports say that they might continue to do an Ubisoft in the near future. Dreadful.

VenomUK448d ago

Why would DLC stop working, because it requires a server for authentication?

Publishers need to find technical and legal solutions so that any digital product a user owns always works.

Mazgamer448d ago

@VenomUK From what I remember replaying the Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood, there were plenty of mission DLCs you had to download via UPlay. I think they are completely disconnecting UPlay from those games, thus you won't be able to download the DLCs.

I'm guessing obviously. And even that explanation just doesn't make much sense to me. Why would they just remove UPlay support for these games? Why will those single-player DLCs become unavailable? Which DLCs in particular? I truly can't wrap my head around what Ubisoft means by this mess. We will either have to wait and see, or someone will pressure Ubi via social media to make some statement explaining.

1Victor448d ago

All hail the future of all digital games.
I would like to hear the excuses from the all digital future defenders about this

Rebel_Scum447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

Who’s playing any of these old garbage DLC’s/online modes in 2022?

NotoriousWhiz447d ago

This literally has zero to do with digital games and is really just an Ubisoft issue. Either way, most people will tell you that "all digital" is not the future. Digital and physical should always be options.

1Victor447d ago

@ notorious
🤦🏿 "Ubisoft came out with the announcement that some of their classic titles are shutting down their servers. While this is not entirely surprising, the next bit is quite shocking. As Ubisoft states in regard to many of said classic games, “additionally, the installation and access to DLC will be unavailable”.

What part of that makes it zero to do with digital today is Ubisoft tomorrow can be any game that’s digital only or have DLC from any publisher but hey whatever helps you sleep, remember kid the older your favorite digital games get the closer they’re to the big shutdown 🤷🏿

DOMination-447d ago

They are shutting down multiplayer for PS3 games that nobody is playing. If you owned a physical copy, you'd also be affected? It has nothing to do with digital.

Presumably for the DLC, you'll still have access to it if you've previously purchased it. And if you're upset that you haven't already got the DLC for ACII, then I don't know what to say.. you've had 15 years to buy it.

Of course, we'd all love for everything to always be available and despite what you may think, I'm not really defending this - but maintaining multiplayer serves for games from two generations ago that literally nobody is playing takes up resources. And energy. And right now, that is very expensive. I guess the solution should be allowing console gamers to run their own servers.

NotoriousWhiz447d ago

Please tell me which part of this: "additionally, the installation and access to DLC will be unavailable” doesn't affect their physical games. None. It affects all of their games equally.

NotoriousWhiz447d ago

"the older your favorite digital games get the closer they’re to the big shutdown"

Funny, because I haven't lost a single digital title yet. I guess the big shutdown only actually shut down one digital game.

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Wintersun616448d ago

They're doing a Ubisoft. Because that's what Ubisoft does.

CrimsonWing69448d ago

And you want us to go all digital? This is the bull sh*t that makes me apprehensive to an all digital future. You corpo guys don’t understand game preservation or it’s importance.

Majors448d ago

Its all about the £££££ and if they can sell you the same item multiple times over... Also physical or digital makes no difference these days sadly because if you buy physical you only get 1/2 the data needed to actually start the game nevermind play it

XxINFERNUSxX448d ago

Just torrent for PC and smile 😁

Majors448d ago

Companies who withdraw support should be legally made to patch games to enable the 'owner' to create and host their own MP lobbies. This is theft

Inverno448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

Unfortunately we've allowed corporations to hold too much power and we don't own half of what we buy. The correct thing to do when shutting down servers, or better yet include it from the beginning, is to make it possible to access what we originally bought. This won't change until they're forced to cause greedy people don't like doing the right thing unless they have some incentive.

CantThinkOfAUsername448d ago

We don't own anything. The company makes a product and asks for a one-time fee to give you a licence to access it. You agree to the terms that they can revoke that licence at any time for any reason. This is 'digital ownership.'

Maybe people should read some of what they blindly click to agree to.

Father__Merrin448d ago

When this happens they should give ddlc free to download