NBA Live 07

At a recent Electronic Arts press event, the company provided the first glimpse of NBA Live 07 for Xbox 360 via a demonstration of the game's ESPN integration features, and also showed off the current-gen versions of the game. But the next-gen Live has been mysteriously quiet in the background preparing for launch, so we went to producer Tim Tschirner to check in on the plans for this year's next-gen game, and to see how all the different versions will match up.

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HOLIDAY BB5385d ago

Im really disappointed. This doesnt look any different from Live 06 on 360. Each year the game is the same with minor changes. Its pointless to by a Sports game each year thats the same, and just a few new players added. This is a waste of 59.99. JUST RENT IT.

ace30815385d ago

Another disappointing sports game from EA. Its always the same bring a minorly upgraded game out, this is why no one wanted them to have exclusive licenses. Tiger is the only justifiable game as they upgraded it properly most of the time.

Eternal E 8085385d ago

they are always ways half A$$ with there games thats why ill never buy an EA game again.i been saying it for years.

jiggajayp5384d ago

I agree with what all of you guys have said about EA`s lack of improvement on their games. 2K sports has always been better in my opinion!

kewlkat0075384d ago

With Madden I loved the SEGA 2K series..and will continue to support that. sucks they bought out my 2K football. NBA is like POP b-ball to me,it doesn't feel like a simulation title like 2K does. Same as madden.

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