Hands-on with Clive Barker's Jericho

Gameplayer has had a chance to play this upcoming action/horror game and have detailed their thoughts in this article. It includes an interview with the game's designer, Joe Falke.

"Jericho's designer is here to show us the first playable build of the horror FPS. And he knows it's good. In fact, its credentials are impeccable. "This is a Clive Barker game, make no mistake about it. He sees gaming as the next medium for his work. He's written the plotline, the character biogs, the script… This is his creation, through and through.""

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MK_Red5008d ago

Great find. This is going to be one hardcore bloody shooter. Hope its idiot publisher tries to market this game better.

Bullseye5008d ago

I have no doubt the storyline will be great.Clive Barker is good at what he does,BUT this kind of game is NOT suited to a squad based game like GRAW. This games is a two - four player co-op style game. You want fast action and team work,with buddy building, not boring, move this player here, that player there, switch players to do this or that.IT'S too sloooooow and laborious and breaks the atmosphere.Another no no is any form of 'on rails action',it completely and immediately detaches the player from the game world ,because he becomes 'aware' of what he his doing, like, press this button, then that button at this time, oh yeah i'm playing a game with a joypad!!!!.Clive Barker should know something about 'willing suspension of disbelief', so i hope he changes the direction before its too late.Why do i care? Well, i watched the trailer and thought,this has potential.Then i read this preview and thought,you've blown it Barker.

donscrillinger5007d ago

i was real hyped about this game intil i read that its not co-op online .if this is the case im not buying this game but i might rent .its an shame its not online co-op that would of been nice very nice cuz the game looks sick as well