Brazilian Court Forbids The Sale Of Episodes From Liberty City Worldwide

The injunction says that Rockstar and Synergex "are restricted from trading and distributing the expansion Episodes From Liberty City", and that the game must be collected from stores – not only in Brazil, but worldwide. The decision, apparently, also applies to digital versions of the game. There is a fine of R$ 5,000 (US$ 3,000) for each day the Grand Theft Auto expansion pack continues to be sold.

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NewsForMe3141d ago

I need to DL the Ballad of Gay Tony then.

hay3141d ago

If you'd read the article you'd know it's also about the DL. And you'd also know Rockstar don't know a thing about this case.

SasanovaS19873141d ago

i strongly believe any 1 court does not have any jurisdiction or authority to ban a game worldwide... what does this news have to do with the world? if you ask me, this is brasil put it in a simple perspective...i live in bosnia...who the fuk is brasil to tell us what we can sell and what we cant? smd

Tommykrem3141d ago

I think what he meant was that he was going to download it because the article convinced him to buy it (either because he liked the song, or to protest against the court's decision or whatever.

You might be right, but I wouldn't assume that he hasn't read the article and that he therefore doesn't know anything about anything. Of course if Rockstar accepts this (which I highly doubt) then downloadable content would be hardest to get the hold of, as Rockstar can easily withdraw it from online stores.

gedapeleda3141d ago

Nice marketing trick,but still no buyin it

Raf1k13141d ago

Since when did Brazilian courts get the power to stop the sale of something worldwide?

TengkuAmir103141d ago

Since Chuck Norris stopped doing drugs

ECM0NEY3141d ago

Since when did Brazil matter out side of football and hot women?

TengkuAmir103141d ago

You got me there :) Lima, Bundchen, Ambrosio....dreamy.....

*Goes to the bathroom and takes soap*

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The story is too old to be commented.