Will Nintendo's 3DS Be Region Free?

Nintendo representatives are tight-lipped about the 3DS's region restrictions -- could this mean the death of casual import gaming?

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wwm0nkey3140d ago

How does region lock kill casual gaming in the first place?

Also the handheld already has a lot of hardcore titles lined up.

Midori3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Casual IMPORT gaming, not casual gaming. As in, if I were an Australian, I could import games that aren't available in my country. Australia gets the shaft a lot in terms of what's on the shelf (and some absurd prices as well).

The article isn't talking about how this will kill the sales of Ubisoft's Petz series but rather a lot of sales here and there that would eventually add up.

There are tons of importers all over the world that don't feel like buying extra (more expensive) consoles in other regions so they can play the latest/best games in other countries. Hope that clears things up.

wwm0nkey3140d ago

Yeah my bad just re-read that.