Leipzig Gamers Speak

The Leipzig Games Convention this year was the biggest yet. With around 200,000 attendees coming through the turnstyles over the course of the four-day consumer event, the impact that the games industry has made in Europe is clear.

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Bloodmask4070d ago

I'm glad to see Halo3 and Crysis get their props at the GC. It must be a great place to be with all those people there that are actually interested in gaming.

Plus you get a heads up on all the new games that aren't even't out yet.

MK_Red4070d ago

Good find but is it me or are most of people there FPS only? Halo 3, Crysis, UT3, Team Fortress... only a small nod to DMC, Lair, StarCraft/WOW and HS. Where are Mass Effect fans?