2GB levels in Killzone 2

Firstly, each level will make up a whopping 2 gigabytes. That's about half a DVDs worth of storage...which is alot. Obviously, this is why it's on Blu-ray, but it may account for the current slow down at checkpoints and the like.

Also, due to the sheer detail and effects crammed down the Cell and RSXs proverbial throat, the game will run 30 fps, and will 'only' be at 720p. The detail is so high in fact, that the amount of polygons used in one soldiers face is roughly the amount used in one entire Killzone 1 level. As long as it doesn't cause any issues like the ones seen Madden '08, it should be fine.

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30 FPS isnt a problem as long as it doesnt slow down. Oh well, wish it could be at 60

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blu ray is the new standard for gaming. in ps1 they stepped it up by using cd instead of cartridge, in ps2 the stepped it up again using dvd and ps3 had to step it up again to allow for the gen of gaming. even the games towards the end of last gen pushed the limits of a dvd. song using blu ray and bump up the cost of the console, plain stupid? or a damn right obvious step to take?

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if you look i said gaming. f**kin gaming you retard. 2g per level says it all. how many is that on a dvd. 4 at best. jus go somewhere and bury your head you sad [email protected]

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Not to be a pain in the ass but have you ever heard of DVD9?

Why does phil still have bubbles?

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"The game is still at an early stage; while we don't have a percentage of where it's at, we noticed that the demo was run on one of the huge, bulky PS3 developer's kits that the average gamer would mistake for some sort of insanely oversized computer. Also, some of the sequences and checkpoints froze the game for short periods of time. In the same vein that you saw some slow freezes during the E3 demo, they're in this build, as well, although Ter Heide reassured us that once the game is optimized, you won't even notice the checkpoints. That means that it's early, for certain"

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The preview (ehm...ok u call "preview" that stuff?) linked in this news is from Gamespy demo at lepizig) and the DEMO will run at 30fps not the GAME. The entire demo run on a enormous dev kit and everyone knows it's an early build.

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The CP "freezes" happen because the streaming engine hasn't been installed in the game yet.

Once that goes in, no more hesitations at check points.