SG Review: Medal of Honor's Multiplayer

Sarcastic Gamer follows up it's main Medal of Honor review with a stab at reviewing the Multiplayer. Is it any good?

From the review: "There is absolutely no doubt that there is fun to be had in the multiplayer. Heck, I spent the majority of my time during our Extra Life marathon playing the multiplayer until my hands became sore. That said, there's a ton of problems with it that I believe can be fixed. Here's the Bad and then the Good."

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N4GAddict3142d ago

I can wait for a price drop

nintenflo3141d ago

First thing i want to say is i am really enjoying playing this game,the
controlls are tight, its fun, and its deffinately not frustrating like mw2!!

In the article it says that if you dont have tier 1 then you will get owned every game - this simply is'nt true, i dont have tier 1 and my kills heavilly outweigh my deaths ( most games my kills are more like 12 - 4 )

The thing most people moan about on mw2 is the ballancing issues, well this games is ballanced to near perfection and still people moan ( to be fair most of the people slating moh hav'nt even played the game!!)

Anyway its deffo worth a purchase!

MGRogue20173142d ago

It's fun.. but campaign is short..

Multi-player is too.. ahhhh, what's the word.. Repetitiv.. No, Well... there aren't alot of maps & I can see the MP getting boring eventually.

Plus, there's another game out there just like it called Bad Company 2 which has bigger maps & destruction.

.. Just wait for Black Ops.

EmperorDalek3141d ago

...a multiplayer game that does not become repetitive and boring. As for black ops that run and gun $hit can stay sitting on the shelf for $130 which its going to retail for in NZ.

tacosRcool3141d ago

MW2 had very few maps as well. Black Ops will be overhyped just like every other Call of Duty game. IT will turn out to be decent despite all the hype

ngecenk3141d ago

i just dont understand ea. they did the same with bfbc2, sell the nonfull game, and then release map pack (or mode pack to be exact), no one like it. but no one screaming because bfbc is totally different, and the rush map is the first time introduced. so everyone loving it.

they did the same with moh and now everyone screaming. hope they learnt a lesson this time.

sickbird3141d ago

I like the realism, you cant just run out in the open or else you'll be shot it a second. What i don't like is the amount of bullets it takes to down and enemy. In a realistic military shooter it should take 3-4 tops with an assault rifle. It takes about 10-15 to the chest and atleast 2 to the head to kill an enemy.

magnifier3141d ago

Match ammo is goldike for snipers. With it you 1-shot no matter the range, even if you hit a toe.

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