New DS Lites Shipping With Cheaper Screens?

A NeoGAF member checked out three of the recently released Brain Age DS Lite bundles and to his dismay, screens on the new two-toned DS Lites found in the bundle have a diminished viewing angle and ghosting is also much more apparent (check out videos after the jump).

All of this just begs the question: is Nintendo shipping out DS Lites with cheaper screen to cut costs and eventually make way for a price drop? Or, is this simply an isolated manufacturing problem?

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Azurite4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Ah, that sucks.
Hope it's isolated, those black/red DS Lites look so nice otherwise.

ShishouMatt4069d ago

Great. I just sold my launch DS Lite and am awaiting my Crimson and Black DS lite.

Just my luck I will have a new color, but inferior screen.

Mucudadada4069d ago

I bought a launch Black/Crimson DS and my screen is fine... I've had no problems so far...

djt234069d ago

that really bad i know nintendo cannt keep up with demand

mikeslemonade4069d ago

Once again Nintendo is cutting corners to make money on the hardware.

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