Facebook Nukes 12th Largest Game Developer, Launches "Operation Developer Love"

Your virtual plans are dead; your diva live has been put into rehab; Dante is still stuck in Hell.

Such was the predicament created this Friday, when Facebook officially threw down the banhammer against game developer Lolapps—the twelfth-most popular developer on Facebook, reports Inside Social Games, with more than 14 million monthly active users accessing its titles.

Any attempts to pull up games like the Electronic Arts-blessed Dante's Inferno, or the Cryptic Studios-based Champions Online Facebook game, or even one of Lolapps' independent titles like Yakuza Lords, are now met with a simple "The page you requested was not found" error. And the only message from Facebook so far as to why Lolapps has been eradicated from the site is as follows: "We have disabled applications from LOLapps due to violations of our terms."

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